Brothers Prater to visit Nebraska?

An athletic pair of brothers from Omaha (Nebr.) Central became bigger and bigger news as Central rolled through the playoffs to win the state title in Class A. Now, Shaun and Shane, are being pursued by the in-state school despite Shaun being a commitment to Iowa and his brother now holding an offer from Iowa. Will these two visit Lincoln this weekend?

Shaun Prater, and his brother Shane Prater, are a pair of standout players from the Class A champion, Omaha (Nebr.) Central team. Shaun and Shane took official visits to Iowa last week.

"Yep," Shaun Prater said, "I was in Iowa City last weekend for an official visit. Shane was there as well. Shane got an offer from Iowa."

The offer, to some brother combinations, to the same school is sometimes the straw that breaks the camel's back on which school to choose. Shaun has a bit of a differnet opinion on that though.

"I am happy for Shane to get that offer from Iowa, it's a very good thing. If we don't end up at the same school it's still fine by me. I don't really care about all that."

The official visit last weekend was supposed to lead into another official visit this weekend to Nebraska. The brothers were supposed to head down I-80 and see Lincoln, but that won't happen this weekend.

"I was trying to take an official visit there this Friday and Saturday, but unfortunately we have basketball games this Friday and Saturday. We have a tournament that starts this Saturday."

"So, no we won't be able to make that trip this weekend. I am going to need to call one of the coaches and reschedule our visit until the next time we can visit."

Shaun Prater is holding a Nebraska offer, but he hasn't had it for too long. Up to the point where Tom Osborne came to Omaha Central to talk to them was one of the first times that Nebraska, according to Shaun, had been to Central in a long time.

"I was kind of surprised by the offer, but to be honest, I wasn't excited that much. I feel pretty good and happy about it, but I am pretty solid with Iowa right now."

"The old coaching staff, they never visited our school at all. I just want to see what Coach Bo Pelini and the rest of the assistants have to offer. I want to give them a chance, at least."

For so many kids growing up in Nebraska, it's a dream to get the chance to be a Husker. That isn't necessarily the case for Shaun, "No, it's not really a dream for me."

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