Set to be a Husker

The coaching changes in Lincoln have been hard for Nebraska and their recruits. For some, it was enough to want to leave and not look back. For others, it was enough to stay committed, but to ponder some other options. For Brandon Thompson, he pondered, but through all of it knew that his best option was to remain a Husker.

Through the changes that Nebraska has gone through, Brandon Thompson remains a Husker. The 6-foot-6 and 295-pound offensive lineman from The Woodlands (Texas) says Nebraska never stopped calling him.

"Yes," Thompson said. "I have stayed in touch with Nebraska the entire way through this process and remain committed."

One of the big things that Thompson will get to experience is the new staff will be by to see him soon. The new head coach and the new offensive line coach will be in to see Thompson.

"Coach Bo Pelini and Coach Barney Cotton are coming to see me Tuesday (today). They will be up at my school to see me."

Despite the head coaching and the position coaching changes that Thompson has faced recently with Nebraska, he doesn't have a lot of questions for the new coaches. He's sure that Cotton is plenty qualified for his current position at Nebraska.

"I am sure I will think of some questions when he comes. Cotton was an all-American at Nebraska and was already a coach there before. I am sure he knows what he's doing."

Thompson admits that there was some doubt about his future at Nebraska. There were a lot of things that were going on, but he just sat back and waited for the dust to settle to evaluate the changes.

"For a while, I had a little doubt. I wanted to see what was going to happen. All of the changes that are happening are for the better."

One of the big reasons Nebraska remained a good choice for Thompson was because of the work of his recruiting coach at Nebraska who was retained by Bo Pelini.

"Coach Shawn Watson and I stayed in touch. He was my recruiting coach and kept me up on everything that was going on as much as he could."

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