Pelini's meet with Josh Williams

There are probably few things that Nebraska commitments have looked more forward to than a meeting with Nebraska's new head coach. Tonight, the coach was making the rounds in Texas and was in-home with Denton (Texas) Ryan defensive end, Josh Williams. Bo and Carl Pelini both met with Josh Williams.

It was a highly anticipated visit by Josh Williams. Both the new head coach and his new position position coach, potentially, at Nebraska were in-home to talk to him about Nebraska.

"It went great," Williams said. "I had a great conversation with both Coach Bo Pelini and Carl Pelini. I got a really good feeling for them."

Williams came to the table tonight with some questions about things. He learned about the defense that will be run and the opportunity that is there in front of him in Lincoln.

"I wanted to know about the defense that was going to be run and how things were going to be run in the football program. It sounds like a really good defense."

"He told me that there was some openings there at my position because there isn't a real true "open end" that's there right now. There are guys that can play the position, but the opportunity that's there is a heck of an opportunity."

Josh said that he and the new head coach really connected. He also said that he hit it off with his brother and knew that the two of them were astute when it came to talking about football.

"I thought that he was a great guy. I really enjoyed talking with him. He seemed like a really down to Earth guy and straightforward. I really enjoyed our conversation."

"Carl seemed like a great guy too and very straight forward as well. I really enjoyed talking with him. They both were all-around really good guys and knew what they were talking about."

Arguably, Nebraska might have entered the night actually trailing another school when it came to where Williams would sign. The meeting tonight though did a lot for Williams and for Nebraska.

"It did a lot for me. It filled a lot of empty holes that I had with Nebraska and really filled them all."

"I really wanted a chance to get to meet the new coach and some of the guys from the staff. I would like to meet the rest of the staff as well. I would say that Nebraska stands out with me."

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