Will he eventually be a Husker?

The questions have persisted about Husker commit, defensive lineman Joseph Townsend. Is he going to make it to Nebraska ? Is the current staff still going after him? Basically, what's the hold up? After a conversation with his father today, we feel we finally got a handle on just what the situation is.

From the point this last summer session was over at Foothill Community College , the expectations were that Joseph Townsend, brother of former Husker defensive tackle Larry Townsend Jr., would be making it to the Lincoln campus not long after.

That didn't happen

In what originally appeared to be a situation with one class Townsend wasn't able to complete during that summer session, he would be forced to go back to Foothill, finishing that one class and after that, he would be good to go.

That situation has changed as well.

According to his dad (Larry Sr.), Joseph actually had two more classes he could have taken to qualify, at least by the January enrollment date at Nebraska . But because he didn't take those classes and the knowledge of this came a bit late, Joseph, once he finishes at Foothill tomorrow, will then enroll in West Valley Community College to take two three-week classes and hopefully finish by January 24th.

That puts him past the January enrollment date at Nebraska , which obviously isn't the best news to Larry Sr., but at this point he's figuring that it's better late than never. "I told Joseph after I learned of all this, he should have just taken those classes in the summer when he had a chance. I know he felt like what he already had was a little overwhelming though," Larry Sr. said. "He made a mistake on that, and he knows that now, but he obviously can't get to Nebraska until the Summer."

Since the coaching changes at Nebraska , the Townsend family has been waiting to hear from the new coaching staff, as we know that most of the staff is out on the road visiting both commits and other recruits. Joseph hasn't received a visit as of yet and the elder Townsend isn't exactly sure why.

But he can guess

"I think what they want right now is just to see Joseph's grades and make sure that he's on pace to graduate," he said. "I'm expecting to talk to Coach (Ted) Gilmore sometime soon and it sounds like they still want him and I know Joseph still wants to go to Nebraska ."

Larry Sr. did say that California is still courting him, saying that they plan to offer, as well as some other schools a little closer to home. But if Nebraska still wants him, that's where he'd like to go.

And oh yeah, they need him.

Between the junior college recruiting and some commits simply not qualifying, Nebraska has become anemic on the defensive line. And even though Nebraska returns all of their starters from last year's line, it was that line which was run over, gashed through and run around for most of last season, which saw Nebraska end the year ranked 112th out of 117 teams in total defense.

Townsend's three years of playing eligibility is attractive as is his junior college experience on both sides of the ball. The issue has been, though, and remains, just when or even if he'll arrive.

Joseph's father is very optimistic and hopes that Nebraska remains optimistic in his son. It may not have all happened quite they way anyone wanted, but if it happens and in time for him to enroll in the Summer, that's better than never at all.

"He's got a "B" average right now, and we should be getting his official grades within the week," he said. "And it's not very long he'll be at West Valley and he should be good to go. If Nebraska still wants him, I know that's where he wants to be. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

Townsend sat out last year's football season at Foothill, burning his one available redshirt That means he will have three years to play three at the collegiate level.

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