Huskers pay visit to QB

It's kind of a unique situation. Nebraska originally took up interest in Sean Renfree right before they received the commitment of Blaine Gabbert. Subsequently, Renfree committed elsewhere. Now, Gabbert has moved on from Nebraska and Nebraska has re-entered the picture with Renfree. Is it too little, too late?

Since Blaine Gabbert has changed his commitment, Nebraska has started to look for a new quarterback. One of the more interesting ones to pop up is Sean Renfree.

Renfree, a 6-foot-2.5 and 205-pound standout with 4.5 speed, from Scottsdale (Ariz.) Notre Dame Prep. Nebraska came by the school today to see Renfree.

"Coach Shawn Watson was here to see me at the school today," Renfree said. "I liked him. He is a good guy and everything."

Nebraska's offensive coordinator, and Renfree's recruiting coach, came across well to Renfree. They talked about his film and the situation at Nebraska.

"He came across as a good offensive coordinator, good guy and he seems like he is all about football. He told me he loves football and all he wants to do is win."

"We just talked about quarterback situation at Nebraska and how it's critical this year. He also told me what he liked about me as a player."

"He feels like I have pretty decent feet, from what he can see on film. I get the ball out quick and throw a pretty good deep ball. I'm also pretty mobile for being a pocket passer."

The fact that Watson came in and really broke down Renfree's film was impressive to Renfree. He knows that he is talking to a detail-oriented coach.

"It's good for me. I know that if I do go there that I know what kind of quarterback coach I will be dealing with and what he's looking for out of me. I liked what he had to say in his observations of me."

The Nebraska offer didn't come until recently for Renfree. The Huskers were picking up interest in Renfree right before they got a quarterback commitment earlier this year.

"I wouldn't call it a late offer. When I was getting into my recruiting, Blaine Gabbert had already committed or just committed."

"It was about that time that I started getting Nebraska interest. After he committed, the interest fell off from Nebraska."

"Nebraska got my film and said that they needed a week to evaluate me and then Gabbert committed the next day. The relationship never started."

Obviously to Renfree and Nebraska, this situation of re-recruiting one another would have been easier had there been some more time between Nebraska getting Renfree's film and then a quarterback commitment.

"It would have been a little better if the timing had worked out that they had evaluated me, I had started talking to coaches and they would have called back. All of the coaches that I had some relationship with, called me."

While that would have been more ideal for Renfree and Nebraska, Renfree admits that it's not really as big of a deal as some might make it out to be. It won't be held against Nebraska.

"No, no it's not. It's not a big deal. I am building up a relationship with Coach Watson right now. Once I get to meet some of the other coaches and the players it will be big for me."

"I am not going to hold it against them just because some other school was recruiting me earlier and I know a couple of more coaches."

Renfree has said that there will be four official visits to come up, starting in January, and Nebraska seems to be at bat first.

"Right now I am planning on taking a visit to Lincoln the first weekend in January. I think it's January 4th. It will be good to get up there to spend time with the offensive coordinator."

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