Diamond in the ruff

If a tree falls in the forest, but nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? How about, if a recruit makes a nice impression to schools, getting offers here and there, but someone who doesn't cover recruiting isn't there to see him play or watch a tape, does that make him any good? You bet it does as some schools have already caught on to something you may not know. This kid can play.

Tyler Luellen (Bethany, MO (South Harris)) (OT-6'7-275-5.2/40) Tyler is prime example why ratings sometimes should just be used as guidelines. Not being ranked at the current moment has not stopped him from getting 6 offers "I got offers from Missouri, Illinois, Colorado St., Oklahoma St., Vanderbilt, and Kansas." He has also been recently asked to send film to Purdue and Nebraska.

Right now he has no favorite list set up, but has been busy trying to narrow it down by taking many unofficial visits to several different campuses including 2 trips to Illinois, 3 to Kansas, 4 or 5 to Missouri, and a trip or two to Purdue and Nebraska.

He also has set two officials, one to Illinois and one to Missouri. He could not recall the dates but he believed they were in early December. When asked about his remaining officials this is what I was told "I'm waiting to see who else may offer before I schedule any other visits. I don't want to schedule all of them right now and have someone offer later down the road and not be able to take an official there."

Tyler has scored a 17 on the ACT and has a 3.49 core GPA on a 4.0 scale.

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