Xavier Lawson-Kennedy - 'nuff said

Below this particular story, in another story I asked about the old tree saying where if it falls and nobody hears it, does it make a sound. The idea is that just because you haven't heard of a player, does it mean they aren't good. Of course not, but with Xavier, that's not a problem. Everyone has heard of him. Heck, almost everyone has offered him. All people want to know now is, just where is he going to go?

Xavier-Lawson Kennedy (Duncanville, TX) (6'3-315-4.8/40) Currently Xavier sits among the elite of the elite being one of the top five defensive tackles in the nation. How good is he? Well this quote pretty much sums it up "During some our scrimmages the coaches ask me to pull back, I can blow up the play before they can see how effective it might be against an opposing team." He's not good. He's outstanding.

His stats for the season read like a team, not just one man. "Well, I have 27 tackles for loss, 10 QB sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 2 recovered, and somewhere around 60 tackles." That's just in six games (He sat out one due to injury) for his 5-2 Duncanville team. Nearly 50% of his tackles are made in the opposing teams backfield.

He currently sits on 63 scholarship offers and hasn't even begun to shrink the list yet "My senior season comes before everything else, don't have a top 5 or a top 10." He is also unsure where any of his officials will be taken.

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