Cause for Concern?

What an interesting last couple of weeks it's been. The Nebraska staff has made been in touch with all of the commitments carried over from under Bill Callahan to current head coach, Bo Pelini. Even after that move, which seemed to come with a lot of success, a lot of those same commitments are on the road this weekend to other schools.

While Nebraska has taken the time to start the relationship with the new coaching staff with the old group of commitments, it seemed to be a success on a number of levels. However, looking at the official visit lists this weekend might indicate otherwise.

Nebraska does have three, official visitors in town this weekend. On Thursday, that number was supposed to be four and include offensive lineman commit, Dan Hoch. Sometime following that point Hoch set a visit to Iowa and wasn't going to visit Nebraska.

Another blow to the Nebraska class was the possibility that Nebraska could get back into the Trevor Robinson sweepstakes. The rumors have always been that Notre Dame was a favorite, but then came the rumors that Nebraska, under Tom Osborne, had improved their chances.

Nebraska had gotten up to the #1 offensive line class in America, before being passed up by Ohio State, but still the core was there. That core was led by names such as Baker Steinkuhler, Bryce Givens, Brandon Thompson, Robinson and Hoch.

To date, Nebraska can really only look at that list and say that two are solid commitments in Steinkuhler and Thompson. The one name that is missing from that list is Ricky Henry. The thing about Ricky Henry isn't that his intentions are anything other than go to Nebraska, but that the grades might not be there.

There has always been one little thing that people have been told to look for when it comes to considering Henry a commitment, or even a chance to be part of the class. If Henry takes a visit to Nebraska in January then the chances are good that things are in-line for Henry to qualify.

Robinson is off the list and can more than likely be crossed off for good. The bigger problem might be that Hoch has instead of coming to Lincoln this weekend gone to visit Iowa. Givens, potentially one of the best recruits Nebraska had committed, is visiting Colorado this weekend.

Hoch at Iowa is not alone. Flying a bit under the radar are official visits by other Nebraska commitments to Iowa, Collins Okafor and Riley Reiff. More than that, Nebraska tried to make a late run at Shaun Prater and his brother Shane Prater, but brother Shane followed Shaun earlier this week and committed to Iowa.

Givens at Colorado is not alone either. One of the more exciting interviews to read this week for Nebraska fans were the words of Doug Rippy who after a visit from Bo Pelini and Mike Eckeler changes his commitment status from soft commit to firm commit.

Weeks ago though, Rippy and his mother were in the process of planning and buying tickets to make some other trips. Instead of eating those costs and not see Colorado, Rippy and his mom made the trip to Colorado this weekend.

More than that, Givens and Rippy can catch up with another Nebraska commitment who is still looking around a but, Josh Williams. Williams, who was impressed by a visit by Bo and Carl Pelini at an in-home visit this weekend is also in Boulder for the weekend.

Besides players that are going to Iowa or Colorado, Will Compton is also on the road this weekend and is visiting Missouri. Missouri, the in-state school for Compton, has made a big push for this linebacker and linebacker is a huge need for Nebraska in this class.

If you are watching that scoreboard, that is seven players that are on the road this weekend on official visits to other schools than Nebraska who are at least listed as soft commitments, if not firm commitments, to Nebraska.

If that isn't cause for concern, please consider that's seven of a total 21 (not including Ricky Henry) in the current class. It also seems that two junior college players, Adrian Hilburn and Joseph Townsend, will not be part of this class either.

If there is something that is on Nebraska's side it might be the number of official visits that they have left to use this year. According to our count at Big Red Report there will be only 19 total official visitors through the end of this weekend.

There are also a couple of other things to consider here. Nebraska will have time to re-group during this dead period to come up with a plan and attack it again in January.

Indirectly, Nebraska should also try and sell the success of new head coach, Bo Pelini's, defense in the national title game with LSU. It should be said to all defensive recruits that the product that LSU is putting on the field is in some way the goal or the vision for the Blackshirts of Nebraska.

Cause for concern? Maybe. Panic? No. Nebraska still has time here and a lot of these commits are either set to come to Nebraska for their official visits in January or are talking about coming back to Lincoln for an unofficial in January.

A lot will be said or determined about the Nebraska class those first two weekends of the month of January. The first two weekends will be pivotal weekends for this Nebraska staff and class. Breathe easy, for now.

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