On the recruiting trail.......again

Consider this a bad dream. No, call it a nightmare. You've done everything right in the recruiting process. You haven't jumped the gun. You've been patient and thorough. What does that mean for D.J. Woods? It means for the third time, he could be looking for another school.

You commit to Nebraska

The Head Coach gets fired

You then commit to West Virginia

The Head Coach leaves for another job.

At this point, for the Woods family, you have to feel the curse is officially on.

"He's a coach-killer," Derek Woods said of his son with a frustrated laugh. "It seems like wherever we go, a new staff comes in."

It would be one thing if the Woods family had only just decided on West Virginia as a knee-jerk response to Nebraska Head Coach Bill Callahan getting fired. It would be one thing if all the decisions they have made were a byproduct of little research and more hastiness to find a team rather than patience in making sure that team would be the right one.

But nope, from the beginning of this year up to the commitment to Nebraska , it was a slew of unofficial visits across the country, finally deciding to play in the land of corn.

And just when that decision was done, out of the way and everything was great, Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson gets fired, raising a storm of questions about the job security of the man he hired, then Head Coach Bill Callahan.

Because the replacement of Callahan appeared imminent, D.J. had decided, along with his family, that it was best to decommit and explore other options rather than explore them while still staying a commit to the Huskers. "We wouldn't have felt right visiting all these other places while D.J. was still a commit to Nebraska . It just felt like the right thing to do," the elder Woods said.

After visiting yet more schools, taking official visits and still more unofficial visits, the Woods family had settled on Big East power West Virginia .

Well, today Rich Rodriguez was announced as the next Head Coach of the Michigan Wolverines.

"It's a nightmare. It really is. It's like you get punched in the gut and then someone comes along and kicks you in the gut again," Woods said. "We really do try to keep the perspective that D.J. is fortunate to be in the position he is in regarding the offers, but you can't help but feel a little cursed at this point."

Because West Virginia ran such a unique type of offense, Rodriguez running a spread-option attack, similar to almost no other team in the entire country, outside of following the WVU Head Coach to Michigan , it would appear that they are going to have to take another look around.

Mr. Woods didn't discuss whether or not Michigan was even in the picture at this point, but commented that up until the pledge to the Mountaineers, Auburn was another team which was really high on D.J.'s list.

In regard to the Huskers, his first team of choice, the Huskers still retain two key coaches for Woods in Shawn Watson, who will keep the West Coast offense firmly in place at Nebraska , and wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore, who has been one of D.J.'s primary recruiters since the process began.

That certainly can't hurt Nebraska 's chances, but D.J.'s father said that Nebraska was an option, but for his son, they didn't seem like a top option at this point. "This is D.J.'s decision and Nebraska doesn't really look like they are high on his list right now. I know he liked Auburn and Missouri got in touch with us right after this happened, to see if we were still interested in them," Woods said. "But I care about the degree. I want my son to get a good education and come out with his degree.

That's the dad in me, but D;J. has to go where he feels the most comfortable. To be honest, though, we don't even want to think about recruiting right now."

You can imagine how jaded toward the process the Woods family has become. You make a decision and then another, only to have both situations change dramatically on you in the end. This close to the holidays, so close to the end of the year, Mr. Woods said that for now, they are just going to sit down an try to take it all in.

"We are going to sit down and talk about it, pray about it and hopefully come to some sort of decision, but I can't tell you when that will be," he said. "I feel like we have done everything right and did our due diligence in making each of those decisions we made.

"But this kind of thing still happens. So, I think we are just going to sit down and try and think of something else. It doesn't feel very good to have to go through this all over again."

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