Nebraska visit was a "10"

Nebraska only had a few recruits in for their first official visits under Bo Pelini. One of the players that was in is Greg Burks, an intriguing athlete from Texas who played mostly as a wide receiver this year, but Nebraska is eyeing Burks to play on the defensive side of the ball. How did Burks enjoy his trip to Nebraska?

Official visit weekends are tired, but it's more work that it is a vacation. Greg Burks just got back from Nebraska and is recovering a bit at home.

"I'm good, but I'm tired," Burks said. "The visit was good. I liked it."

The Nebraska visit really impressed Burks who saw TCU the week before. Burks said that there were a lot of things that stood out for him at Nebraska.

"The coaches, the players, the facilties; really everything stood out to me on the trip."

One thing that another official visitor from Texas noted was that the weather was a little cold. Burks didn't think it was too cold. "It didn't bother me. I can handle that."

Nebraska has one of Burks' former teammates in Lincoln. Marcus Mendoza and Burks were able to catch up a little and talk about Nebraska.

"I did get a chance to hang out with Marcus a little. He told me he likes it up there and it's a good place to be. He likes it there."

Before the Nebraska visit, Burks said that the trip to Lincoln might be his last. As of right now, Burks isn't so sure and might take one more trip.

"I am not sure yet. I really don't know at this point. I might go and take a trip to Oklahoma State, maybe."

The offer never came from Nerbaska and he is still only holding the one offer. "I didn't pick up an offer from Nebraska, not yet, and I don't have one from Oklahoma State. I just have the one from TCU."

Burks said that there wasn't any plans to commit by anytime. Burks is just playing this one out for now. "Not really. I am just trying to evaluate and play it out."

The visit to Nebraska couldn't have been a lot better. The better part, was that the Nebraska visit was a lot better in rating than the visit to TCU.

"The visit was probably a "10". The TCU visit was probably about an "8". Nebraska was that much better."

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