No question for THIS Husker commit

Most if not all of it has to do with the coaching change, even following new head coach Bo Pelini hitting the road to visit each and every one Heck, many have even gotten a visit from Tom Osborne himself, who served as both Athletic Director and as the designated head coach, so that he could hit the road to try and keep this class in place.

That hasn't seemed to work all that well, but from his brief visit with Osborne and especially after his visit with coach Pelini, there's one player who doesn't figure he'll be part of this mass exodus to pastures elsewhere. 

"Oh no, I am definitely going to Nebraska . I was sold on coach Pelini after I met him," St Thomas Aquinas ( Overland Park , KS ) wide receiver Kyler Reed said. "All I cared about was what the offense was going to be like." 

With offensive coordinator Shawn Watson being retained, along with wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore, Reed's future is about the same as it would have been if the old staff had been retained. But there's a bit of irony in that, because the previous staff saw him on one side of the ball and the defensive-minded Pelini said to Reed that he could play whatever position he wanted. "They originally wanted me to play linebacker, but I have always felt more comfortable playing wide receiver," he said. "Coach Pelini said that I could do whatever I wanted to do and see where I fit in the best. 

"I like that, because I am open to do whatever they need me to do, but I'd like to give receiver a shot first." 

Reed's confidence in his ability to be an offensive player versus defense isn't born from a shaky foundation. Kyler found himself first-team All-State at the position this year, along with being named first-team all Sun Country and first-team all-league. 

Those honors came as a result of a very prolific season which saw Reed catch 41 balls for 482 yards and nine scores, along with seven more touchdowns rushing, Kyler toting the ball 71 times for 522 yards. Kyler said he even had two touchdowns throwing on five attempts over the season. Defensively,  Reed reported that he had approximately 45 tackles. 

When all the changes started to occur at Nebraska , Reed wasn't immune to the idea that he might have to look around. The questions he had, of course, had to do with the offense, and like every other recruit, he didn't know how that was all going to pan out 

Given that scenario, Reed didn't so much look around as he entertained a couple of calls, but Kansas and Northwestern seemed to be the only schools he might think about, but only after the situation at Nebraska settled down and he saw that things weren't going to fit him for the future 

Those calls he might have made, haven't been and won't be, according to Reed. "I just told them that I would call them if I was going to look around. But there's no reason for that anymore," he said. "I haven't taken any visits to other places and I am not going to.

"I'm definitely solid to Nebraska."

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