Ian-Yates shortens his list

He's nice and he's nasty. He's huge, but he's agile. He's strong, but he's also fast. That sounds like it equates to being considered one of the top players at your position and that would be right on the money. Plus, Cunningham basically has his choice of where he wants to go.

Ian Yates Cunningham OL-6'5-300-5.0/40 Hebron, TX- Nothing major has changed with Ian since I last spoke with him. No new offers from major schools, no new top five list, if anything has changed at all it is that has top three schools have even become more solidified.

"Nebraska and aTm still round out the top five, but there's a lot of distance between them and my top 3 (UVA, ND, Georgia Tech)."

Now he has progressed to the point in arranging visits to those top 3 "I will go to Notre Dame on the 6th (Dec) and Virginia on the 13th (Dec)." Be assured Tech will get one as well; it's still a work in progress, however.

As for his #4 and #5 teams playing this weekend he seemed interested more as fan and less as a recruit "Should be a heck of a game, Solich even called me to remind me they were playing down here." .

I asked a question last time while talking with Ian about the recruiting process, at that time he seemed to be enjoying it, now however his answer did change when asked the same question several weeks later "Probably after my 3rd visit I'm going to sit down and decide, I want to hurry, well not hurry that's the wrong word, but I want to get the decision made. I want to do what's best for me."

Add on: I asked Ian about "direction" of a team, citing ND has improved over the past several years and how NU isn't the NU of recent years and if that would effect his decision in any way. This is what I was told "If you had asked me earlier in this process I would have told you no, but now I see things differently. I see a team doing well, I want to be a part of that, success breeds success."

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