Can Nebraska make a move?

The name of Terrence Robinson isn't new. Nebraska offered the Texas running back some time ago. However, Robinson noted a drop off in contact with the changing in head coaches at Nebraska, but now Nebraska is in pursuit again. Before Nebraska started their late contact Robinson had a top two. Is it a top three now?

At 5-foot-9 and 175-pounds, Terrence Robinson has the speed to take it to the house on every carry (4.33/40). He is also put together. He benches amost double his weight (325), squats 405 and cleans 245 to go along with a 37-inch vertical.

Robinson had one of the best, most overlooked season in all of Texas. Robinson had 222 carries for 2,106 yards for 26 scores and added 15 receptions for 263 yards and another three scores. He was even 10-for-18 for 160 yards passing and another three scores.

"I was player of the year by the Klein Sun Newspaper," Robinson said. "I'm not very big, but I have speed. I can make people miss and then take it the distance."

That is an understatement. Robinson averaged 9.5 yards per carry and scored a touchdown once in about every nine carries for Spring (Texas) Klein Oak High School.

Robinson has taken official visits to Wake Forest and to Oregon. He has taken an unofficial to Boston College already and is looking at taking a visit to see them again in January.

"Both Wake Forest and Boston College have great academic programs. They have well established academic and football programs and that is what I was looking for the most."

Nebraska offered Robinson very early in the process and after Bo Pelini was announced as the head coach they stopped by his school. Nebraska was there, but Robinson was unavailable.

"Nebraska was by my school late in the year. I know that they were there to see me, but I wasn't available to meet with them. I had left my phone at home earlier that day."

The Huskers have the deck stacked against them a little bit. Robinson has already made two official trips and has a third set. He also knows that Nebraska has struggled lately, but thinks that Nebraska can come back.

"I really don't know a lot about them. What I mean by that, is that I don't know a lot about the staff. I know that it's a great football team and they had a rough year. I know that they will be back."

All in all, Robinson doesn't even know if Nebraska can get him to take a visit up there before he makes a decision. His top two are pretty set.

"I would have to say that I am pretty set on going to either Boston College or Wake Forest. There is a possibility that Nebraska could come in and interest me enough to take a trip."

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