Scheduling problem

Nebraska was there when LaRon Byrd was planning to take a visit the last weekend in December, but it was testing week at his high school and he was unable to take the trip. Now, Byrd is looking at the last weekends before signing day and he has three trips planned and would like to take his fifth and final trip. Will Nebraska get a chance to host Byrd?

LaRon Byrd and Boutte (La.) Hahnville had a good season. Admittedly, they shouldn't have lost their last game in the playoffs and that's what makes the season a little bit of a pill to swallow.

"The season went real good," Byrd said. "We lost in the second round of the playoffs. We were winning 20-7 in the first quarter and should have won."

Byrd had a good season, receiving district honors, while averaging a touchdown catch once in every four grabs. He also averaged around 16 yards per catch.

"I think that I had around 42 catches for 700 yards and 13 touchdowns. I made first team all-district for sure, but I am not sure if all-state honors have come out yet."

Byrd has already visited one school and has another three set. He is looking at taking that fifth, but hasn't set up the date with the school that he is thinking about.

"I visited Tulane and I am really interested in them. I am going to take a visit to Miami, but that isn't until February. I am then going to go to Nebraska and Auburn. I might try and go to Tennessee, too."

If things had gone the way he had planned, Byrd would have taken a visit to Nebraska back in December. It just happened that the visit that weekend wouldn't work because of the testing week at his high school.

"I was going to go to Nebraska back in December, but I had exams that next week. I would have had to leave school that Thursday and I couldn't get that permission from my school to go."

Now, Byrd has a visit set up to Nebraska for January 11, but he has another school set up for that same weekend. Byrd will be re-scheduling again with Nebraska for the following weekend.

"Right now, I have them both set up for the 11th of January. I need to get the Nebraska visit re-scheduled to the 18th. If I can get that done then I will go to Auburn on the 11th and then Nebraska on the 18th."

Byrd is reminded that football is a gift and can be taken away from you at any moment. He will be choosing a school that has good academics as well as a good history of football.

"My mom and I talk about it every night. She wants me to look for my education first because football can be taken away with one play. I want to play where they have history, but I want the education and the environment."

"All of the teams in my top five have a good fan base, have a history of their home games being sold out and have a lot of fan support. That is going to be big for me when it comes to making a decision."

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