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If a player goes unnoticed, people might assume that they aren't any good. If that player exists in relative anonymity, they are automatically believed to simply not be Division 1-A caliber. But, sometimes it means neither as it basically comes down to, sometimes you just have to know where to look. TheInsiders looked and found Gijon Robinson, but what do you know, a lot of big time schools have known about this Missouri standout for quite some time

Gijon Robinson, Waynesville, MO TE-6'2-220-4.6/40-300/bench-495/squat Gijon, pronounced GEE-on, Robinson is one high school stud that has past almost under everyone's radar, not even showing up in any recruiting database that I have seen. But, that has not stopped him from getting big time attention from big time schools. "Right now I have four offers, Kansas, Kansas St., Missouri, and Illinois have all asked me to go there."

This "unknown" has amassed 444 yards and 8 TD's from his TE position and roughly 50 tackles from his inside linebacker position. Is there a preference at the next level in what position he plays? "I prefer offense, there has been some talk at WR, but mostly TE. Some schools have mentioned trying me out at inside LB, but I really want to catch the ball."

Gijon has also heard from other colleges in the form of letters and phone calls "Oregon, Memphis, UCLA, Ole Miss, and Nebraska have sent some letters recently, and Colorado and Purdue call pretty much once a week to check and see how I did during my game."

Gijon already has a clear-cut leader. Without a doubt Gijon and his family both have a great interest in Colorado, with K-state and Mizzou trailing "I camped there (CU) this past summer, its beautiful and I would love to go there if I can." But, the question remains if they will offer.

Gijon has not set up any officials and the only one he is certain that he will take will be to Colorado.

Gijon has taken the ACT scoring an 18, and is uncertain as to what he current core GPA is.

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