Brains and Brawn

In today's game of football, offensive linemen must be much different than say, twenty years ago. With the complicated blocking schemes, the offenses that seemingly pull on every snap, an offensive linemen can no longer be a snot-blowing drive blocker, rather he has to be physical and analytical to a certain extent. It's not just about hitting someone, but hitting the right one. Nowadays, brain AND brawn are ideal. In that, Mikal Brewer is one of the most qualified linemen in the country.

Mikal Brewer Peoria, AZ (Centennial) OG-6'4-275-5.2/40 Mikal is in an odd position, having taken an official to Nebraska the very first week games were played, when most colleges were still running scrimmages he was on the sidelines watching the Cornhuskers play his home state Sun Devils "It was a great trip, Nebraska has great facilities and a great academic reputation. Academics are important to me, the school I choose will have the best of facilities to help me achieve my goals."

Those goals are indeed high ones, Mikal has aspirations to be an orthopedic surgeon and will come with a major all ready in mind "I'm looking at something pre-med, right now bio-chem. seems the most likely"

Mikal has also set up his remaining visits and are: Arizona on the 3rd of Nov, Nov 23rd to UCLA, Notre Dame on the 6th of December, and Stanford the following week on the 13th. These schools are also his top 5 at the moment "My top 5 has changed a couple times in the past couple months, but I think I've got it pretty much settled now. With the officials being scheduled I can't do too much changing now."

Mikal's high school team is currently 5-1 and does keep track of high school pancakes, right now he is sitting app. at 20.

Mikal scored at 1160 on his SAT and has a core GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale

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