Brown will visit Nebraska

One of the more talked about names for the rest of the recruiting year might be Eddie Brown from Waller (Texas). He hasn't taken any official visits yet, which is interesting, and is finally setting some up. He has DT size and FB speed. He is an up the field, DT that can allow a defense to cause chaos behind the line of scrimmage.

Speed is a word that normally isn't discussed with defensive tackles. If they are sub-5 second players, it's more often than not, embellished.

Eddie Brown is the exception to that. At 6-foot-2 and 265-pounds, Brown boasts about having a consistent 4.6/40 time and did clock a 4.53 one time. Recruiting is starting to pick up for Brown.

"He's going to Nebraska on January 11, I know that much," Head Coach Phillips said. "I heard that Texas A&M is talking to him, but I don't know anything else about that."

The Nebraska visit is the first visit that Brown will take. It seems like Texas A&M will get one of the others, but Coach Phillips really couldn't say where else Brown might go.

The season for Brown was a good one. While Brown doubles as the team's running back, it's on the defensive side of the ball where he is projected to play in college.

"I know that he had an interception, eight sacks, eight pressures, 60 unassisted tackles and 55 assists. He was the defensive MVP for the district."

Brown actually ran the 100m for Waller this past year in track. Brown also plays baseball where he is typically used as the designated runner and is known to swipe some bases.

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