Whaley set to see Nebraska

It's one down and three to go for Alonzo Whaley. On the last weekend before the dead period, Whaley went and took his first official visit to the first of four teams that are on his narrowed list. The other three will start next weekend and will be on consecutive weekends. After the visits, it's likely that Whaley will have a decision.

Alonzo Whaley, a 6-foot-0 and 221-pound linebacker from Madisonville (Texas) had a great season at linebacker. Whaley attributes his success to just another year on the field and feeling more comfortable.

"It was great," Whaley said. "I think that I felt comfortable out there. I felt like I knew more about the game. I knew where the ball was because I knew about the defense."

Whaley, who has 4.6-speed in the 40, says that the speed helps, but his natural instincts at linebacker and his athletic ability are also two of his biggest strengths.

"I can run a little bit. I am not too fast, but I can run. I think that I have good athletic ability and knowing where the ball is are two of my strengths."

Whaley couldn't list all of the teams that have offered him. However, he did say that he is favoring a quartet of teams and that he has offers from everyone in his top four.

"I have some offers. I have a top four that I am interested in. I have Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Arizona State. I have offers from all of them."

Whaley has already taken one official visit. With the one behind him, Whaley is looking at taking three more visits in January in consecutive weekends.

"I have gone to Louisiana Tech on an official visit. I think that was December 14th. On January 11, I am going to Oklahoma State, the 18th I have Arizona State and the 25th I have Nebraska."

Lots of players want to see the field early. If that comes for Whaley, great. If not, he knows that it will if you prepare yourself to the best of your ability.

"Playing time isn't a big factor. My thought is that if you go there and do what you have to do, playing time will come to you. It's more of an education and an home environment thing."

If there might be one thing that might stand out about one team in Whaley's top four, it might be Nebraska and the late interest. Nebraska has been recruiting Whaley for a while, but has since turned up the heat with a new coach and defensive staff.

"Nebraska is a newer team to be contacting me. They lost their whole defensive staff. LSU was interested in me and since they moved to Nebraska, I guess that they think that I can help their team a little bit."

"They have been in contact with me before Coach Pelini and Coach Eckeler left LSU, but since they went to Nebraska they have really been after me. They feel like I can help their team."

While Nebraska might have that going against them, Whaley freely admits that the coaches at the school that he chooses will be big in his decision and that might help Nebraska. "It's not the school, it's the coaches that make you feel at home. I enjoy the fact that they feel like I can help their team."

Whaley had a great senior season. He finished the year with 162 tackles, was an all-state selection as well as the district MVP on defense. Whaley boasts a 330-pound benchpress, 400-pound squat and 295-pound clean.

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