Fulfilling season

It's not often that you can find another goal or value to play football during the season. At Mater Dei, it's about wins and losses. In that category, they fell a little short of the expectations. However, some charity work filled that void. Cameron Meredith talks about the season, solidifying his commitment to Nebraska and shoulder surgery.

The tradition at Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei runs deep. It's something that you have to keep up every year. In Cameron Meredith's eyes, they didn't do as well as they wanted to.

"We didn't do as well as expected," Meredith said. "At one time we were in the top five in the nation. It didn't go as well as we wanted it to."

"Overall, I think that we were 8-2. Above the season though, we helped the Marine's families at Camp Pendleton which is in San Diego, about two hours away."

The effort to help out the nearby Marines was an effort that everyone got behind. The money and the other donations all went to things that were needed to provide necessities and some comforts for those that are left behind by a Marine that is deployed.

"At every game, we picked up donations. Later on, we went down there and built a brand new children's center with volleyball courts, painted some things for them, some tether ball courts, gardened all day and just did some other things overall."

"It really helped out the families there. They really appreciated it. It benefited the families that are alone with the family member that is away and we gave them money and other things like hygiene items and toys for Christmas."

Meredith noticed that the effort became bigger than they could have ever imagined. It also changed some people's views on the season and provided a different perspective for some on the war.

"It definitely did. It changed the views of a lot of people that were directly involved. Even if you don't support the war, you can support the Marines. They are fighting and they don't want to be away from their families."

The big news with Meredith is his commitment status to Nebraska. It's been rumored that Meredith has recently been considering some other visits. It seems that there was truth to those rumors, but he is not solid again to Nebraska.

"I reaffirmed my commitment to Nebraska recently. I was considering taking visits to Oregon and to Colorado, mostly because of the coaching changes at Nebraska and that just got scary."

"After I met the new coaches, Bo Pelini obviously, and it helped. He has that great defensive mind and he knows what it takes to get that great Blackshirts mentality back to Lincoln."

There is little hiding the fact that Meredith's parents probably preferred that there son go to Lincoln over some of the other schools as well. The visit to Lincoln this summer really impressed Cameron's parents.

"Both of my parents wanted me at Nebraska. My mom liked the tradition there, so did my dad. When we went out there we were impressed. It's one of the best college towns I have ever seen."

Meredith actually had surgery on Friday and his mom was available to update Cameron's status. The early word on the surgery was that it was a success and Meredith thanks the Nebraska fans for the wishes going into the surgery and on his recovery.

"His surgery went well and he now has five anchors in his shoulder," Katherine Meredith said. "The doctor said that he now has a 90% vs. a 10% chance of it staying in it's socket. Hopefully no more dislocations."

It was a long season, a season where Meredith experienced multiple injuries for the first time in his career. With having played only five games though, Meredith had some solid statistics.

"I am not sure. I didn't play the first four games this year, I injured my groin. I missed the last game too. This is the only season that I have had injury issues."

"I know that I had seven sacks. I know that I had over 60 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and I got a bunch of hurries. It was probably around 12 hurries."

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