Wednesday Practice report

In an article from the Daily Nebraskan yesterday, Josh Brown was quoted, eluding to changes that would be coming in regards to the coaching staff. A statement like that from your average everyday fan might draw little to no attention, but when a player on the team, a senior no less, states that the head coach actually talked to the seniors about changes that were going to be made, your head turns. When coach Solich was asked about it today, it turned his head as well.

With the way the season has gone, talk of coaching changes is at it's highest point in , well, quite a few years. The lack of success on the field and the continuing dramas off the field all have fueled the fire of coaches retiring, being asked to leave our out and out, fired. It's all just talk though, because nobody associated with the program has never said that anything like that was going to happen. Well, that changed. With Josh Brown's comments in the Daily Nebraskan yesterday, a flood gate of sorts was opened and as you might expect, coach Solich was asked about those comments and inquired as to their validity. "You better check with Josh." Solich stated. "Don't believe what you read in the papers. I told noone about anything about any nature like that."

Though Solich was adamant about not stating such, it would seem that this particular issue is only just beginning.

Josh Davis is expected to start for Nebraska at kick returns and also has worked out at running back this week. "He's practicing full speed." Solich stated. "We had kickoffs yesterday and he returned kickoffs then. He's getting in the rotation as a running back and teamwork, is moving well, so he will return kickoffs."

Chris Kelsay's status is still "day to day".

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