Nebraska Gets their Quarterback

It might have been a situation some wouldn't have liked to have gone through, but sometimes things work out a little stranger than you might think. That's how it was for Kody Spano, who visited Nebraska this weekend. Going from future Cowboy to future Husker may not have been ideal, but he feels it worked out for the best.

OK, so a few weeks before you are slated to enroll in college, the college you committed to says they don't have room for you and would like you to enroll at a later date.

Not good.

Well, it's more a kick in the gut than anything, Stephenville quarterback Kody Spano having planned to enroll at Oklahoma State come January, and now, just a few weeks before that time, they basically say thanks, but no thanks.

You end up scrambling and you don't know where you are looking, who is looking at you and you are just praying that you find a place that wants you to be part of the team.

Considering how frenzied this was, the expectations might not have been that high as to finding an ideal place for him.

That's just what Kody found.

From the moment he stepped on campus at the University of Nebraska , he felt something he said he hadn't felt before: Welcome. "I guess I had been committed to Oklahoma State for so long, when I did visit there, it wasn't like they really wanted me there," Spano said. "I mean, I definitely liked the place, the coaches and all that. I wouldn't have gone there if I didn't.

"But it just didn't feel like they really wanted me part of their team.

"At Nebraska I did. I actually was really surprised. I honestly haven't felt that comfortable at any place I have ever been."

Nebraska didn't wait long after Oklahoma State gave Spano the bad news, Kody saying that the Huskers were literally on the phone with him the next day. A flurry of calls, conversations amongst coaches and family members, it was an easy choice to go to Nebraska , if just for a visit. After everything he saw over this last weekend, comfort wasn't the only thing that prompted him to say that Nebraska was the place for him.

"The offense is really exciting. I got a chance to sit down and talk football with coach Watson," Kody said of offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Shawn Watson. "He's just a personable guy and we talked for a long time about what they were doing and how that was going to fit me."

Spano is expected to be the only quarterback taken in this class, Nebraska rushing a bit themselves to get things done, followed by the decommitment of Missouri prep quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

The two couldn't be more different in that Gabbert is the big-bodied prototypical type passer, while Spano, standing just under 6-2, doesn't have the height, but as we have seen with Husker QB Joe Ganz, the extra mobility can be invaluable.

For his senior season, Spano completed over 62 percent of his passes, throwing 23 completions for scores against only nine interceptions, and totaling 2,250 yards. It was primarily out of the shotgun, which can often have people a little skeptical about how they make the adjustment to working an offense out from under center.

Spano said in a previous interview we did with him, he didn't foresee a problem. After all, it's just running backwards. "I don't see that as a problem at all. The only difference is how you see the field from the snap," Kody said. "But familiarity with the offense is something that will help you with that transition. Whether you are in the shotgun or going back there off a drop, the receivers are going to be where they are supposed to be."

There won't be any time wasted as Kody said that he's seen the place and before you know it, he'll be enrolling within the week. It's a bit of a flurry the past few weeks, but he sees things finally settling down for the future.

Considering how late all of this transpired, even Kody waxes nostalgic already about what could have been and what is definitely going to be. "Sometimes things just work out for the best. I wouldn't have said that after all of this started, but I really feel that way right now," he said.

"I could have never imagined feeling as welcome here as I was, as wanted here as they made me feel. I really feel like I ended up at the best place for me."

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