LSU win proves positive for Huskers

This upcoming visit for Texas A&M verbal K.J. Williams is important. It's to Texas A&M, of course, and not having met new head coach Mike Sherman, Williams has a lot of questions he'd like to ask. If he makes the trip this weekend, and that is an issue at this point, the answers he gets will dictate just what Williams is going to do.

When I talked to K.J. Williams within the last month, he made no bones about the fact that he wanted to play offense. While most of his highlight film, at least what coaches get, is him playing the defensive side of the ball, it was offense where he thought he should be playing. "I just think it fits me better, because most people don't see the finesse on offense, because all they have seen was what I did on the defensive side of the ball," he said. "I know I have good hands. I can make yards after the catch and I know how to run good routes." 

Williams is set to visit the Aggies this weekend, but K.J. said that he'll have to get some things squared away at school before he knows for certain whether he'll be able to make the trip or not. "I should know by tomorrow whether or not I can make it in," he said. 

And there are no doubt a ton of questions Williams would like to ask, but the one first in his mind is concerning his issue with which side of the ball he'll play. After seeing the success of All-Conference honorable mention tight end Martellus Bennett this past season, Williams sees himself in that mold as well. And with Sherman 's background, that gives him even more optimism about being a standout tight end. "When he was up in Green Bay , he had Bubba Franks, who was a big-time player for them, and that's the kind of system I want to be in, one that really uses the tight end in every way," Williams said.  

Of course, there is the possibility that the new head coach won't see Williams quite the same way as the previous staff. They, like many other schools recruiting K.J., could see him on the defensive side of the ball, playing either defensive end or even at linebacker. Should that happen, Williams said that it will change a few things for him. 

"If they say defense, I will have to sit down and think about it, because I know a lot of other schools have been looking at me to play that side of the ball," he said. "I'll have to look at what kind of defense those teams play, how they use the defensive end and just figure things out from there." 

One team he said he won't have to do a lot of research on is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. No, Williams hasn't seen a lot of what Nebraska 's defense could do this past year. But if you were to ask Husker fans, nobody really saw what Nebraska 's defense could do, because they weren't doing a whole lot. 

Williams has watched LSU, though, and he saw the national title game as Bo Pelini coached his final game with the Tigers as the defensive coordinator, leading his defense to a convincing victory over Ohio State , the Buckeyes second straight loss in the BCS title game. 

K..J. saw a few things in that game which he looked at from a defensive mind-set as a positive, but he also noticed something about the new Nebraska head coach and how players interacted with him. 

"First, they play the defensive end the way I like to play it, and that is fast and moving up-field," he said. "But you see how players react to coach Pelini, I am that way with our head coach. 

"Players have a passion for the guy. They love to play for them and that says to me that this is a coach who isn't someone who says a lot of stuff and yells a lot just to be yelling. He knows what he is doing and you can tell how much the players respect him." 

While Williams is looking at a number of schools should the situation with the Aggies not turn out as hoped, including Iowa State , Oklahoma State and Missouri , he said that if he's convinced that defense is where he'll play, Nebraska is going to move toward the top. 

"All you have to do is look at what LSU did and you can figure that's what they are going to do at Nebraska . How they use the defensive end, that's exactly how I like to play," he said. "I am hoping that things work out with Texas A&M, because tight end is what I want to play, and it's a good place to be. 

"But if it doesn't, Nebraska is definitely up there, because I have already seen how they would use me in the future."

Bo Pelini returns to Nebraska this week, now permanently part of the Husker coaching staff. It's expected at that time, we'll see more offers go out to seniors still uncommitted to teams, and, of course, juniors for the future.

This weekend promises to be big, at least in regard to potential, as Nebraska is hosting up to eight visitors, including current Husker defensive commits, Will Compton and David Whitmore, along with fellow commit, running back Colins Okafor. Other defensive players who will be making the trip in this weekend are defensive tackle Eddie Brown, defensive end John Youboty, linebacker Brian Moore and wide receiver Brodrick Smith.

Stay tuned to Big Red Report as we will keep you up-to-date on those visits, along with whether or not Williams was able to make it to College Station for his official, and if so, just how it went.

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