Huskers Newest Commit

Sometimes it's as easy as a feeling. You tried it twice, but haven't seen to find the place that's just right for you. Now you have, at least that is what offensive lineman David Grant says. He knows now that Nebraska is the place to be.

The first time around should have been the charm.

When Killeen (TX) High offensive lineman David Grant said yes to Oklahoma State , that should have been the end of the road. Of course, in the world of recruiting, things aren't always what they seem. That commitment didn't work out and Grant decided that Iowa State might be a better alternative. But with a big family sit down, where the entire family was involved, Grant said that he came to a realization:

Iowa State was out and Nebraska was now in.


"We sat down and talked a lot about this. We went over everything, about the good, the bad and just everything," David said. "We talked about what I wanted, what schools had to offer and where I would be the best fit.

"And Nebraska was just the place to be."

Citing the academic support as one reason, Grant said that he liked the tradition of academic success in the athletic realm in Lincoln . But he also said that the relationship he's built up with new offensive line coach Barney Cotton, was just as significant. While Cotton's reputation isn't such that he'll go down as one of Nebraska 's strongest recruiters, for Grant, what Cotton had he liked just fine. "He's a pretty funny guy and you can tell he's a good coach," Grant said. "I got along with him really well and I really liked the situation at Nebraska , when it comes to when I might be able to play."

That's two years, at least as far as Grant is assuming, given the redshirt year as he watches and learns under a group of experienced Husker linemen. With at least four of the current starters graduating after next season, though, the 6-5, 285 pound lineman sees promising opportunities very soon. "That's what I would like to do, just to make sure I am ready and know as much about what is going on as I can," Grant said about sitting out his first year. "But I know that if the coaches want to put me out there as a freshman, it will be because they see that I am ready.

"Football doesn't take a genius. You have a man or area to block, someone usually in front of you to put down and you just need to keep that bully-mentality. It's just about being physically ready and knowing the system. If they put me out there as a freshman, I believe that between the nutritionists, strength coach, position coach or whoever, will believe that I am ready to go."

It's a long ways to Killeen , Texas from his native neighborhood in the Bronx, New York . But outside of the cement jungle that is the Big Apple, Grant didn't see the adjustment to a slower lifestyle as that big of a deal.

Well, there was one noticeable difference.

"People are nicer out here than in New York ," he said.

When asked about how the lifestyle he came from in New York ever entered his mind as to something he might like as a backdrop to his collegiate future, David wasn't hesitating in saying that he likes how things are nowadays just fine. "I'm not going to college to be part of some lifestyle. I am going to go to get an education and try to become the best football player I can be," he said.

"That's another reason I chose Nebraska , because they are known for putting out linemen. They have a tradition for that and a lot more."

Grant will be visiting Nebraska this weekend, which will be the first time he's ever stepped on campus, perhaps even inside the state. Grant said that, though, he hasn't been to Nebraska , it isn't the place that is important, but the people. "If you trust the coach you are talking to and learn enough other ways to know that it's a good fit, there's no problem in not visiting before you commit," he said. "Weather doesn't bother me. Distance isn't a problem and every school has great facilities.

"I know where I want to be. Visiting just gives me a chance to see the place, but I already know it's the place I am going to be."

Grant will become the fourth commit to visit this weekend, the offensive lineman joined by Will Compton, Collins Okafor and David Whitmore.

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