Latest Husker commit sees NU for first time

It would have to be a funny thing committing to a place you had never actually been. That's how it was for Nebraska 's most recent commit, offensive lineman David Grant. Now he's seen it. Now he knows. So, now what does he think about his potential future with the big red?

You'd have to be a little anxious.

Seriously, you just committed to a school which was located in a state you had never been. Granted, Shawn Sullivan committed to Nebraska last year under the same circumstance as did fellow cornerback commit Anthony Blue.

But still, there has to be some questions in your mind as to whether or not it would look like you hoped, feel like you hoped and that you would get along with the coaches they way you hoped.

David said yes, yes and yes, undoubtedly.

"To be honest, it was more than I thought it would be. People tell you lots of stuff, but until you see it you don't really know," he said. "I saw the facilities. I saw all the academic honors and I got to meet all of the coaches.

"It was great. It was good to feel that way coming out of that visit."

David said he had heard stories about Nebraska 's facilities. He was informed of the tradition Nebraska has had with great facilities and just how enormous and impressive they were. He figured that everything he heard was probably a little bit over the top. That changed, though, once he saw them for himself.

"People were telling me how great they were and that it was like nothing anyone has seen. But I wasn't really expecting them to live up to that, but it did," he said. "I mean, I figured they were going to be good, but not that good. They were really, really good."

Of course, it's more than about weight rooms and waterfalls when you head to a place on your official visit, especially if it's a place you have already committed to play. David said that he was shown around by sophomore offensive lineman and Nebraska native, D. J. Jones. From the training table to the academic support. From the weight room to the meeting rooms, David said he got the full tour of the place.

After all that, Grant said that he didn't have any doubts coming into the trip, but he definitely doesn't have any coming out. He's ready to be part of the big red. "I met all the coaches and they were great. Coach (Bo) Pelini is a really cool guy and you can tell he knows what he's talking about," he said. "After talking it over with my family before, we knew Nebraska was the place to be.

"I definitely know that now,"

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