Something old, something new for Fisher

It's old hat for Sean Fisher being a local kid and all. But an official visit is still an official visit. And Fisher had about as much company on his as any other recruit did during the regular season. But with all he already knew about Nebraska , there was at least one thing he hadn't done.

You have to wonder just what Millard North's Sean Fisher was going to get out of his Nebraska visit. He knows the place. He's been a commit for awhile, and he has met his new position coach Mike Ekeler, along with head coach Bo Pelini. But he hadn't met them all, and that was the biggest thing Fisher said he got out of this weekend.

"That was really the whole thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to meet all the coaches," he said. "It was great. I got to meet them all and obviously talked more with coach Ekeler."

Fisher described Ekeler as an energetic guy, a person who brought a lot of fire to the field and just because he wasn't a regular assistant before this, Fisher said that it didn't detract at all from the confidence he had in him to coach him up, so to speak.

Where Fisher took his biggest cue from, though, at least in regard to how he would be used, was from the national title game where LSU topped Ohio State for the national crown. Fisher said that the coaches told him even before the game, to watch what they did with both the WILL linebacker and the BUCK linebacker (Strongside linebacker), just to see what he would be doing in the future.

Fisher was excited with what he saw.

"It's just a really aggressive style of defense. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and from the BUCK position, the position I will be playing, they do a lot of different things with them," he said. "As a defensive player, you love that kind of energy. You just get to go out there and have some fun."

Sean said that he was told he would be playing BUCK, but could also see time at WILL in nickel situations.

Fisher wasn't alone, of course, accompanied by 11 other visitors, 10 of which were official, the one unofficial being current Colorado commit Josh Williams. While Sean said he didn't talk to each about the time they were having, it appeared to him that everyone was enjoying their experience. "Yeah, it seemed like everyone was having a good time. I know we all enjoyed watching the basketball game and I think everyone enjoyed the trip," he said. "I know I had a good time. There wasn't much I didn't know about already, but it's always fun to visit during stuff like that. It was a good experience."

It's comforting to Fisher to know that the position he was recruited to play and ultimately committed to play for the old staff, is the position he'll be playing in the future. It's equally comforting that the vibe he gets about the program is definitely on the upswing around the Husker-lovin' state. But it's Nebraska , and he would have been excited no matter what. But how things are around the program nowadays certainly doesn't hurt.

"I'm excited. I think everyone is excited. There's a lot of optimism about the future," he said. "I know everyone just wants to go out there and do their best. But this is Nebraska and we are all going to have big expectations for the future."

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