Mitchell impressed with Nebraska

Charles Mitchell had to admit that he was a little anxious as he got ready to take his official visit to Nebraska . Yes, he was anxious about the visit, the Huskers one of the tradition-rich programs to extend him an offer in writing. But his angst came more from how he was going to get there. He had to fly...for the first time in his life.

Do you grip the seat when you fly? Are you a little cautious each time you get on a plane and even a little worried as it leaves the tarmac? Well, Charles Mitchell can now sympathize. As he prepared for takeoff for his flight to Lincoln , Nebraska , he readied himself for a feeling he hadn't experienced before.

If you haven't flown before, you are probably going to be a little nervous. Mitchell couldn't avoid feeling the same. "Going up was worse than coming back, because I hadn't even been on a plane before and the takeoff and landing – that was all new," Mitchell said. "I was just relieved when he finally landed."

Which is a nice segue to the point of the visit, Charles taking his first official visit of the recruiting season, destination: Lincoln , Nebraska ..

It hasn't been very long since Bo Pelini took over, and it's been even less time that the new Husker head coach has had a chance to get out and meet kids and like this weekend, host of a group of official visitors. Mitchell gave the Husker head man an A+ for his demeanor and what he brought to the table. "He was just a great guy. I mean, it's one thing when some coaches talk, but this is a guy, when he talks, you know he can back it up," Mitchell said. "Some coaches talk about what it's like to play great defense, but he's done it. He's done it everywhere he's been."

That wasn't the end of the things which impressed Mitchell, the Mississippi native talking about how the fans have sold out the stadium since long before he was born. And then there are the facilities, which Mitchell found a bit hard to describe. He summed it up simply:

"Big. It was big. I guess they just built them not too long ago and it was just big," he said. "They were really impressive, and they far outweighed what I had seen at Southern Miss and Ole Miss. "

While Mitchell was as impressed with the entire visit as he thought he might be, the temptation was never there to commit. He's taken some visits, but still has more to take. But he graded the visit a "9", not really able to pin down anything he didn't like. With that said, he wouldn't admit to having any favorites right now. "I'm just taking it all in and I'll figure out what I want to do after all my visits are done," he said.

But wait, what about Michigan ?

If you look at his list of favorites, you don't see the Wolverines. If you read any interview he's done lately, you probably don't see any sight of the maize and blue. That's because until he was getting ready to leave Omaha , headed back to Mississippi , he hadn't talked to them at all.

That's changed

"They called me when I was at the airport and told me I had an offer and they wanted me to visit as soon as I could," Mitchell said. "They are like Nebraska , because I don't know much about them other than that they are a big-time program…"

Charles did say that he definitely plans on taking an official to Michigan , but it's obviously late in the game and he's going to have to schedule that very soon. He doesn't mind, and he's had a good recruiting experience thus far.

But if he does take that visit, he's going to have to do something he would just as soon not, but will. "Yeah, I don't want to fly again. Once was enough for me. But I will if I have to," he said. "And after that trip is done, I'll probably have a good idea of just what I want to do."

Big Red Report will keep you up to date on Mitchell's visits, the status and, of course, where Nebraska could fit in, in the picture.

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