Smith enjoys visit

It was a little late notice, but apparently Nebraska impressed Brodrick Smith this past weekend. The Huskers were actually Smith's fourth official visit with a fifth one to come next weekend and a commitment announcement to follow that next Monday. What did Smith think about Nebraska? Find out inside the "Red Zone".

Brodrick Smith, a 6-foot-3 and 200-pound wide receiver, from Garden City (Kans.) made it to Lincoln last weekend. Smith came away impressed.

"I liked it," Smith said. "It was really the facilities and the coaches. The facilities really blew me away. That opened my eyes."

Smith has reason to be impressed. Nebraska is actually the fourth official visit that he has taken.

"I had been to Arizona, Minnesota and Illinois before going to Nebraska last weekend. I have a visit set up to Kansas State on the 25th."

Smith couldn't say that he has pared his list down beyond the teams that he has visited or will visit. Those five seem to be the final teams.

"I would say that it's down to the teams that I have visited. It's still those five schools that I am looking at."

There was also no elaborating on the Nebraska visit or any other visit as to why it might have been more special than the others. According to Smith, they were all good visits.

"They were all excellent visits. They all had about the same high points. All had something that was better than one school or another."

Smith played quarterback for Garden City, but projects to play receiver in college. The Huskers think that Smith's ability could get him on the field early.

"Nebraska likes me as a receiver. They think that I have a chance to come in and play as a freshman and show them what I can do."

There is one official visit left to go for Smith. Following that visit, he is set to announce the college of his choice.

"I will make my last official visit next weekend. I have a press conference set to announce where I am going that following Monday, the 28th."

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