Visit goes well for Whitmore

There aren't a lot of the carryover commitments from under Bill Callahan to under Bo Pelini. While there aren't many, that doesn't mean that there aren't some great players getting carried over. A player that could get an immediate look in Lincoln to play early might be David Whitmore from Port Arthur (Texas) Memorial.

David Whitmore is a tall, rangy cornerback that might help Nebraska run some more cover two or he could eventually move to safety. Regardless, Whitmore was in Lincoln this weekend and loved it.

"Yes sir, he really enjoyed it," Port Arthur Offensive Coordinator Kenny Harrison. "The trip really solidified things for him."

"I don't think that there is a question after the visit that is where he wants to go. The visit went really well for him. I know that he enjoyed it."

Whitmore committed to Nebraska right before the spring game and committed sight unseen. While he did commit sight unseen, Whitmore is familiar with the area.

"That was his first time to Nebraska. He is from Kansas City originally. His dad is in Kansas City and his mom is in Port Arthur. He moved in eigth grade."

Coach Harrison said that he was aware that David's father met his son in Lincoln this past weekend. "I know that his dad was there in Lincoln with David this past weekend. His dad is still living in Kansas City."

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