Late-breaking development for Whaley

Alonzo Whaley was set to visit Nebraska next week, but those plans have changed. Whaley talks about the change of plans, when he'll visit and some breaking news as to just what he could do very near in the future.

Linebacker prospect Alonzo Whaley had a visit to Baylor scheduled this weekend and Nebraska was to come the following week. Those plans have changed.

"I am going up to Nebraska this weekend and I am cancelling my Baylor visit," Whaley said.

As to the reason for the change, Whaley stated simply, that he had developed such an interest for the big red, this trip couldn't come soon enough, because it was going to be a way he can see for himself everything the school and coaches have to offer.

But it's more than a sight-seeing tour for the standout Lone Star prep athlete. If he sees what he likes, he's making no bones about what his status will be as a recruit, Monday, when he's scheduled to leave Lincoln .

"I plan on committing," he said. "I want to get up there and check things out for myself, but if everything looks like I think it will, I plan on committing to them on my trip."

This isn't some haphazard decision, though, Whaley saying that what really put Nebraska over the top was simply how much effort the Husker recruiting staff, specifically defensive coach Mike Ekeler, put into making sure Alonzo knew they wanted him to be a Husker.

"They had this thing with a linebacker who committed, then decommitted and then committed. They really didn't know what their situation was as far as all that," Whaley said. "Then something happened where it opened up that they could offer me a scholarship.

"But they didn't tell me over the phone. They actually flew down here to explain it to me personally. That's something when anyone else could have just told me over the phone, but they thought enough of me to come down here and do it face-to-face."

Alonzo is being recruited by Nebraska as a linebacker/athlete. At 6-1 and just over 210 pounds, Whaley could realistically fit at a variety of positions The numbers he put up as a senior this year, though, were of the defensive variety. As a senior, Whaley notched an impressive 162 total tackles, along with eight forced fumbles, five fumbles recovered and an interception which he took back for a score.

Whaley, when talking about how he was able to amass such an impressive amount, he contributes to what he thinks is his best strength on the defensive side of the ball. "I am around the ball. I am able to be around the ball almost every play," he said. "Unless you can do that, though, you can't play the game of football on defense. You have to know where the ball is at all times."

Regardless of his potential plans for this weekend, there aren't really any expectations as to just what he'll see or experience at Nebraska . Whaley is very pragmatic in that sense, as he looks at football as a simple thing. "Whether you are playing in front of two million fans or two, the football field is the same size and the game isn't going to change," he said. "They have a good business school, which is going to be my major, and I get along them very well. I am just going up there to just check it all out for myself personally, and then see if it's the right place for me.

"I think it will be. You never know and that's impossible to predict. But I wouldn't be planning on committing unless I thought a lot about the place and the coaches before even going there."

Whaley will arrive in Lincoln on Saturday and leave Monday. Will he leave a future Husker? That's Whaley's best-case scenario, but we are all just going to have to wait and see.

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