Prater's will visit Nebraska

For Husker fans, if you asked them if recruiting twins to play in the secondary can be successful they would say absolutely. Nebraska is about five years removed since the last of the Bullocks brothers roamed the secondary for Nebraska. Josh and Dan demonstrated the success twins can have at Nebraska, could Shaun and Shane Prater follow in their footsteps?

Back in December, getting out to meet the players in-state was critical for Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini. Shaun Prater and Shane Prater are undoubtedly two of the most talented players in the state.

The duo from Omaha (Nebr.) Central led Central to the Class A title in the state of Nebraska. Nebraska entered the picture late, after a commitment from both to Iowa, but they will be in Lincoln this weekend.

"We will just be there Saturday," Shaun Prater said. "We have a basketball game on Saturday, so we aren't able to stay the night on Saturday."

Shaun says that things are the same for him right now. He wants to see what he thinks about things after the visit before changing his stance on Nebraska.

"It's pretty much the same until I take the visit. After I take the visit, I will gather all of the information and take a look at everything."

While technically, a visit after a commitment means a soft commitment, Shaun Prater maintains that he is still firm to Iowa. "For now, it's firm to Iowa. Nothing on that has changed."

Nebraska and the Prater's need to make up for some lost time. Time that is needed in developing a relationship between recruits and coaches. "Really just meet the coaches, pretty much."

The Huskers might have Shaun a little more pegged than Shane, but it's possible that the two could both be pegged to play the same position in Lincoln by the Nebraska coaches.

"Nebraska is looking at me as a cornerback. Shane will either play wide receiver or as a cornerback. They have offered both of us."

Shaun has been off the market now for a while. Shane, only for a month or so. There is nothing that is set about the two needing to play on the same team together in college.

"I committed to Iowa in June and Shane committed in December. There wasn't a package deal before and it really doesn't matter now still."

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