Cotton set to see Nebraska

Sometimes there are those visits that have a second meaning like taking an official visit with another recruit. For Ben Cotton, it's a little deeper than that. After the new year his dad, Barney, had to take off and tend to his new job. This weekend, Ben Cotton will see his father, and Nebraska, while in Lincoln for an official visit.

At 6-foot-6 and 210-pounds, Ben Cotton brings size with him to Nebraska at the tight end position. Cotton committed to Nebraska after his father, Barney, accepted a coaching job under Bo Pelini.

Since the end of the dead period, pretty much, Barney has had to be in Lincoln while Ben and the rest of his family are back in Ames, Iowa. This weekend will be his official visit to Nebraska, but also a chance to see dad.

"Best part is getting to see my dad again," Cotton said. "I want to get shown around the place and meet all the recruits. Those will probably be the best parts."

It hasn't been that long ago since Coach Cotton had to leave for Lincoln. If anything, Ben Cotton is appreciative of the fact that dad was there through the holidays at home.

"It's great that he came back for all of winter break, we got to be with him on Christmas, and we've gone through this all before."

The situation isn't new to Coach Cotton or to his son. Ben said that they just deal with it the best they can.

"We have had to wait to follow when he's gotten a new job. We deal with it. We talk to eachother at least a couple of times a day on the phone."

One other thing that Ben is interested in this weekend might be talking to the offensive coaches about how he will fit in. Cotton has already began that relationship with his position coach.

"I've met with Coach Ron Brown a few times. He came to the school this week to come and see me and that was great. He wants to help me become a better football player."

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