Smith returns from official to Nebraska

There are a lot of expectations of an official visit. Well, there might be, but that largely depends on just how much you know about a program going in. For Jacquies Smith, he wasn't all that familiar with Nebraska before he made his visit. He's a lot more familiar now. The question is, what kind of impact did his official to Nebraska have?

More often than not you are going to hear kids talk about their impending official or even unofficial visits to Nebraska , as wanting to see if everything they see matches with everything they've heard. Texas prep defensive lineman Jacquies Smith didn't have that predisposed mind-set. He honestly didn't know a lot about Nebraska before he got to Lincoln , learning most of it within the last few weeks.

He knows a lot more now.

"You hear some things, but I honestly didn't know much about Nebraska other than what coach J.P. (John Papuchis) told me and what I saw with coach Pelini and what he was doing at LSU," Smith said. "So, I didn't really go into the visit with any expectations. I just wanted to see what they were like."

Smith got the usual tour, seeing the training table, the facilities and meeting all of the coaches. And he had a number of hosts, including sophomores Quentin Castille and Prince Amukamara. With those players along with many more, is where Smith spent much of his time. And that was just fine with. "They seemed like a real tight bunch, and everyone seemed to just want the same thing," Smith said. "I got along good with those guys."

Smith got along good with the coaches he had a chance to meet, and then it was down to business, so to speak.

At 6-4 and over 220 pounds, you could easily pigeonhole someone into a defensive end position. Considering how much a player is likely to put on in regard to weight, that would be the logical next step and position for Dallas , TX standout. But Smith said that the coaches talked to him about playing down, or if the situation demanded it, he could be a linebacker as well. "It really comes down to how much weight I might put on or what down it is and all that, if they see me as an end or a linebacker," Smith said. "But they said that the way coach Pelini used those guys at LSU, that's how they would use me. It's just going to be real aggressive, get after the ball and flying around hitting people.

"That's just fine with me."

Smith will visit Missouri next, followed by a trip to see Texas A&M, before his mini-tour is concluded. As to where Nebraska stands amongst those teams currently, Smith said there wasn't any question they were a definite contender. "The whole trip was excellent. The only downside was that it was cold. I mean, it was really cold. I'd have to get used to that," he said. "But everything else was great."

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