The Next Husker?

It's something to head to an official visit after already making up your mind that you want to commit, but obviously want to see if everything matches what you thought it would be. That was what Alonzo Whaley was looking to do. Did he do that? Did he see everything he wanted and is he now a future Husker?

The relationship with the Husker coaches, specifically defensive assistant Mike Ekeler, had almost cemented the deal for Alonzo Whaley. They went beyond the call, according to Whaley, making sure he understood their situation and going out of their way to keep him in the information loop. They even flew down to Texas to tell him what was going on with his recruiting, rather than just pick up the phone.

That cemented the deal.

Whaley knew that when he got to Nebraska , he wanted to commit. He planned to commit. He just needed to see everything for himself.


"I committed," Whaley said. "I already had it in my mind that I would, but you know, you have to see everything for yourself. But I have now and this is where I want to be."

Hosted by fellow Texan, sophomore running back Quentin Castille, Whaley saw the facilities and got the grand tour of the entire place. He also talked to a number of other players, and, of course, the coaches. When Alonzo talked at length about just what his role would be at Nebraska , he said that there's definitely a spot for him at linebacker, but like anything, you have to earn it. "They are graduating most of their linebackers, but it doesn't mean someone is just going to give you the spot," said Whaley, who is being looked at as either a linebacker or athlete. "You have to earn it and that's what I plan to do."

Coming off a senior year where Whaley totaled 162 total tackles, along with eight forced fumbles, five fumbles recovered and an interception which he took back for a score, you can see why he has confidence in his ability to play. He's a ballhawk, basically, and wherever the ball is, that's where Whaley says you will find him.

Nebraska could use that, especially when you look at the losses on defense. But according to Whaley, it isn't just the things you can quantify he feels he can help. It has to do with the things that at Nebraska at least, are just as important. "It's the blackshirts. I got the scoop on that during my visit and it's about playing great defense, flying to the ball and being really aggressive," he said. "It's going to be great to be part of that. It's going to be nice to try and bring that back to Nebraska ."

Following a number of other visitors over this weekend and in recent days, some recruits have commented about the temperatures in Nebraska , which have ranged from the teens to below zero, with the wind chill. Being from Texas , Whaley might not be as familiar with these frigid temperatures as some.

But As Whaley gets set to depart the airport today, he says he isn't thinking about the weather. He's only thinking about how good it is to have a feeling coming into a visit and realizing it was everything you thought it would be.

"Cold is cold. Whether it's in Texas or Nebraska , you just deal with it," he said. "And it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

"I'm just glad everything is how I thought it would be here. I knew it would be, but feeling it and seeing it – I just feel a lot better about the situation. I know what I am coming to and now I just can't wait to get back."

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