Official visit to Nebraska done

Tim Marlowe isn't a name you hear about every single day. While a playmaker for Cardinal Mooney high school in Youngstown , Ohio , Marlowe has gone relatively unnoticed by most of Division 1-A Nebraska took notice, though, and Marlowe visited Lincoln this weekend. The question is, is Nebraska about to have four members of the team from that same town and same school?

You have probably heard more about Cardinal Mooney High School and Youngstown , Ohio in the last month than you have all your previous days of your life…combined. Husker head coach Bo Pelini is from there as is Husker running back coach Tim Beck. Well, the trend may not stop any time soon as Tim Marlowe, a standout from that school visited Lincoln this weekend.

A little background on Marlowe: Cardinal Mooney went 14-1 this last season, and you can count Marlowe as a significant reason as to why. You hear all the time about two-way players, but that doesn't scratch the surface as to just how integral Marlowe was. For the season, while spending most of his time playing defensive back for the Cardinals, Tim found himself serving a number of duties:

Defensive Back Punt return Kick return Wide Receiver Quarterback

Marlowe recalls of more than a few games where the only time he saw his own bench was before and after the game. "Oh, there were a few games I didn't come off the field. I played both sides for the entire game," he said. "Especially late in the season, because the last four games I was playing quarterback, too."

Here are the numbers Marlowe said he accumulated during the season:

"I played receiver for 12 games, but we really don't pass that much. We are pretty much a running team. I had 12 catches for 250 yards and three touchdowns," he said. "I played quarterback for the last three games, and I threw for like 280 yards and three touchdowns and I ran for 250 yards and four touchdowns."

That would be good enough for some, especially when none of these positions might be considered his primary position for the team. You can add two more touchdowns he notched from punt returns as well. But on defense is where Marlowe perhaps shone the most as he picked six balls on the year and notched one fumble recovery

So, it's obvious he's athletic. It's obvious he knows how to play the game. But something that is equally obvious is somewhat of a factor in why he hasn't received the kind of recruiting attention you might expect for someone putting up those kinds of stats:


That's his approximate height, Marlowe saying that he was actually measured to be 5-10 on this official visit to Nebraska . But either one isn't necessarily ideal from a prototypical standpoint, at almost any spot on the field. Marlowe is used to this tag he's gotten, but takes exception to it nonetheless, because if his numbers prove one thing, it's that size really doesn't matter.

"It's not the size of the player, but the size of the heart the player has which means more on the field," Tim said emphatically. "I've seen players who are bigger like everyone wants, but they aren't nearly as athletic. I pride myself on that. I pride myself on knowing the game. Maybe it's because of my size, but I have a 34 inch vertical, so explosiveness is a big part of my game."

That's definitely explosive, and when I had a chance to see a clip of Marlowe in action, it was pretty apparent that this kid had a nose for the ball. The interceptions speak to that, but on offense or defense, this kid know how to find the ball and against players who are almost always bigger than him.

"That's the pride factor. You have to want it more than the next guy," Tim said. "I don't like losing and I don't like coming off the field. I know that my size has something to do with schools not coming after me like some, but I know what I am capable of doing."

Most of Division 1-A might not realize it, but fellow native and Husker head coach Bo Pelini obviously saw something in Tim he liked. Maybe it was his workmanlike attitude or his sheer ability to make plays. Whatever it was, it was enough for Nebraska to offer the Cardinal Mooney standout this last Sunday.

It might have came as a bit of a surprise, considering the other attention he's gotten thus far. But even before Pelini was familiar to the Marlowe family via his interest in Tim, there was already a bit of a connection. "My mom is a cousin to his wife," Marlowe said of Pelini's wife, Mary Pat. "So, our families have known each other for a lot of years."

The offer alone would have been enough to prompt an official visit from Marlowe, his first of the recruiting season, Marlowe having taken unofficial visits to Akron , amongst other places. Going into the visit, there wasn't a real curiosity as to whether or not Nebraska would compare. It was basically just how impressive it would be.


"I have never seen anything like it. I mean, it was awesome," Marlowe said of everything he saw. "Those smaller schools have nice facilities, but this was something else. I had been to Notre Dame, because I grew up a Notre Dame fan and I think what Nebraska has is a step above even them.

"It was incredible. With the fans they have, the kinds of coaches they have, it was something else."

With the offer in hand and the visit now a part of history, any fan would assume that Tim is "N", and it's only a matter of time. Heck, most would have assumed that he might commit the second after stepping on campus. Marlowe could see that and even thought about it to an extent, but he played the contrarian role and opted not to make a decision quite yet.

"For a lot of reasons, I can't think if why I wouldn't go there. The place is great. They have a great tradition and the coaches are great," he said. "But it is a long ways from home and Youngstown is a tight-knit community where everyone seems to know everyone else and I think for me, it's just a little harder to think about going that far away.

"But it is Nebraska . It's definitely the best offer I have. I just have to see how everything goes from here and I have kind of looked at signing day as the day I will make my decision."

Invariably, and as people have often seen, when Nebraska offers a young man, it's not long before other programs start to follow suit. Marlowe said that he isn't hoping for that to find something better than Nebraska , but the added choices are nice. Nebraska is Nebraska , he said, but he's going to make sure that when he does decide what he wants to do, it will be in a well thought out manner, where he knows he's doing the best for his future.

"There's no downside to going to Nebraska . I mean, it's just a great place. The facilities are unbelievable. The coaches are great and they seem like a real family there. Like I said, I don't know why I wouldn't go there, but I have to sit down, talk everything over with my family and just see what happens."

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