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Everyday, we try to figure out ways to not only serve you better, but to pay you back for not only your support, but your loyalty. The Texas tickets give-a-ways were just one example of one way I wanted to show my appreciation for how much each of you means to this site's success.

Well, along with the ideas and efforts of others, we're going to bring you another incentive to jump on board to Total Access and again, we will try to pay it back to you not only in information, but in some pretty cool stuff.

For each subscription sold during each month, there will be a give-away at the end. What we give away will depend completely on the number of subscriptions sold that month. The merchandise will vary from an NU football to a hanging lamp worth almost $500.00. Within that, there are National Championship footballs from Husker Authentic, Authentic Jerseys from our very own fan store here on Husker Connection and videos, golf accessories and just about anything else Husker, that you can imagine. Every single month, we will be giving away something based on what we get.

The goal here is to basically, get our foot in the door. For you first-time subscribers that stay beyond the trial date, you get the information we have, plus a chance to win even more.

If we get 10 subscriptions in a month, well, whatever ten subscriptions (based on monthly rates) gets us, that's going to be the value of the gift we give away at the end. In all reality, we could literally break even every single month, but the point of this is to give a little back, but also to get you in the door, so we can show you what we have to offer. A combination of both free and premium information that we hope you find worth your support. And, it's only going to get better.

With the sparse amount of time we have had, I've been able to get great help from our new recruiting guy, Jeremy M, our new basketball guy, Bobby L and we'll be adding a couple more people that will cover team stuff along with myself. Plus, you have Kim that brings it all together and keeps the site going the way it is. It's the foundation for something we are getting more excited about by the week.

That's why the promotion. It's not just to attract you, but to give you something back and of course, it's up to us to keep you on board.

Take advantage now and you never know, the drawing we have could be for an authentic Nebraska helmet valued at over $220.00 dollars and it could be all yours, just for signing up. Plus, you get the information you signed up for in the first place to boot. Not a bad deal, eh?

So, jump on in and try our Total Access packages. All the packages are the same, but you get the choice of monthly, the three month package or the full annual package and based on which package you get, TheInsiders will also throw in their awesome recruiting yearbook, a great value all by itself.

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