"N", again!

Following the dismissal of Bill Callahan and really Kevin Cosgrove from Nebraska, Will Compton, from Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County, re-opened his commitment. Although he was always listed as a Nebraska commitment, it's arguable that Nebraska was at one time in third place for Compton. That isn't the case anymore.

Today is the day that Will Compton from Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County was set to announce his intentions. An announcement that really was a call to the coaches at two schools followed by some interviews. And the decision is?

"I am going to Nebraska," Compton said. "I just got done talking with Nebraska to say that I am staying committed.

"I called Bo Pelini and Mike Ekeler and they thought I might be going somewhere else. Ekeler was stuttering and didn't know what to say to me.

"Bo was really happy to hear that I was going to go to Nebraska and he said that he was going to devlop me into a first round draft pick."

Compton said that he actually arrived at the decision to go to Nebraska through some deduction earlier in the week.

"I called Coach Gary Pinkel yesterday and said that I wouldn't be going to. Missouri. I knew where I wanted to go yesterday actually.

"I was set to announce to Nebraska, but my family wanted me to hold off. They wanted me to make sure that it was the right decision."

Compton went through the process basically twice and remained a Nebraska commitment. He is set to sign with Nebraska in February.

"I am staying committed to Nebraska. It's nothing against any of the other schools. Nebraska and Bo Pelini were just the right choice for me."

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