NU is back?

Here's a cliche' for ya. "it's gut-check time". Bet you haven't heard that more than say, 40 times this season either referring to games or drives. Say something so much, it starts to lose it's meaning, but it still doesn't mean it's not true. NU had a gut check against the Aggies down in College Station. Either lose six straight on the road and find your season all but lost or win and try and revive a tradition that has been anything but traditional this year. Yeah, it was "gut-check" time.

Nebraska didn't avoid the turnovers and they didn't avoid the penalties. Nope, it was a little of that same old story this weekend as NU faced what is considered to be one of the toughest road games in the country.

NU managed to duplicate their efforts in every other road-game, doing their best to beat themselves. What happened ended up being Nebraska beating two teams all in the same game as a Husker team that you are not used to seeing under Frank Solich, come back, did just that.

In fact, this was the largest comeback under Frank Solich for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

It still boggles me that it came at College Station. Yeah, the 12th man hasn't exactly won the Aggies many games this year, but you can't even imagine that atmosphere unless you are down there experiencing it first hand. It's all it's cracked up to be.

Add into that, that Nebraska was actually down by 17 points towards the midway point of the 3rd quarter, this victory (considering's NU's performances this year) was not just improbable, it seemed impossible.

In all actuality, this game was a route in the making, but of course, NU had to do what it could to keep the Aggies in the game. A Jammal Lord fumble that was taken in for a touchdown, a fumble by Dahrran Diedrick that eventually ended up in an Aggie touchdown and as a little icing on the cake, a Kyle Larson punt that was blocked and taken straight into the end zone.

Maybe this is some grand psychological experiment created by NU coaches to mentally toughen a young team to be ready for the year to come so that they can be ready for any situation, even when the team gets down.

Ok, maybe not.

Anyway you look at it though, Nebraska has done it's best to spot teams points and then, done it's worst and trying to make them back up before the clock expires.

Well, in order to do that, you need to be almost perfect on offense and on defense, you need to stop the other team cold. Something Nebraska has done little of at all and none of on the road.

They did last night.

What can you say about the combination of Diedrick and Horne? While the controversy has continued between who should be number one, along with the publicly voiced frustrations of Diedrick over a season that anyone would consider disappointing for the conference's leading returning rusher, their contrast of physical and finesse punished and frustrated the Aggies, as the "Wrecking Crew" gave up the second most rushing yards in Aggie history.

And Jammal Lord started off slow. But, Jammal has been notoriously bad from the get-go for Nebraska, but his typically good running along with his late-game passing, was vital in Nebraska's comeback. In one drive that resulted in a David Horne touchdown (one of his four Tds), Lord hit Ross Pilkington twice for a total of 55 yards.

And while that offense is motoring along, seemingly only stoppable when it does it to themselves, the defense was, oh-so-blackshirt-like. Interceptions by Ricketts and Bland, a sack by Demorrio Williams, batted balls, tackles for losses and that wonderfully effective blitz. Nebraska has been good at times this year, but they never picked a better time than now to be at their best.

The question is, what's this going to do for the team?

Back to those old cliche's , how about this one......."Now we're cooking". Ok, maybe it's not a cliche', rather some rather obscure, passe saying that someone ripped out of an action movie, but if "Old Mo", that being momentum truly is all it's cracked up to be, Nebraska might have decided to peak at just the right time.

Coach Frank Solich said that it's a game that people need to enjoy and then put behind them. You can agree with putting behind the game, but the feeling from that game and the confidence that has to have come from the way it was won, that could take Nebraska a very long ways.

Of course, this coming weekend, Nebraska will face at home, the last team to beat them, at home and the Longhorns probably don't care about how good NU feels about itself right now.

But you can bet NU players certainly do.

Is this the game that turns the table for Nebraska or will they find themselves on the end of another bitter defeat that followed a climatic victory?

Who's to say and a cliche' that will most definitely work, "only time will tell", but from where the Huskers have been this year, NU's breaking of a streak against the Aggies could equal keeping a streak against the Horns come November.

After all, "It ain't over, ‘til it's over."

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