Huskers score a pair from Texas

If there were two holes that the Nebraska recruiting class still needed to fill it would be in the defensive secondary and at the wide receiver position. Nebraska brought in a number of secondary and receiver recruits in recent weeks. This weekend the Huskers picked up commitments already at those two positions from a pair from Texas.

Nebraska had a big recruiting weekend and two of the players that were in this weekend were Courtney Osborne and his brother Steven Osborne.

"We are on our way out to the airport," Courtney Osborne said. "The trip was good."

Courtney said that there were a few things that stood out to him the most about the trip to Nebraska this weekend.

"I liked the academics, facilities and the coaches the most."

Courtney also said that he was a bit surprised about the success of the academic program at Nebraska.

"The academics that Nebraska has suprised me a little bit."

Courtney is being looked at to play on the defensive side of the ball while his brother will be on the offensive side.

"Nebraska is looking at me to play the strong safety position. My brother is a wide receiver."

Osborne had a chacne to hang out with one of the more promising, young offensive lineman that Nebraska has to offer. "My host was Jaivorio Burkes. He was great to hang out with."

The weekend got a very high mark from Courtney who went on to say that he and his brother are set to sign with Nebraksa in two weeks. "My brother and I both committed. We are done. We are going to sign with Nebraska."

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