Visit goes well, but...

It was clear that the Huskers were looking to get some wide receivers in this class on the last few weekends. This weekend alone, Nebraska brought in four receiver prospects and might be looking to fill as many as four receiver slots in the class. With commitments at the receiver position this weekend could Kenny Stafford make it number three?

Kenny Stafford, a 6-foot-3 and 180-pound wide receiver from Columbus (Ohio) St. Francis DeSales, was in Lincoln this weekend. The visit went well for Stafford.

"I'm in the airport," Stafford said. "It went well. Everything was nice. Honestly, everything was nice.

"The only thing about me committing there now is the distance. I have to really think about it."

There is a distance factor for Stafford when it comes to choosing his school. It centers around his family first.

"I live with my grandmother, so it's a priority for me, and she's getting older. Going further away to school will make it more difficult for her to come see me and for me to get back to see her."

With the distance being an issue, Stafford said that everything else at Nebraska was amazing. Besides the distance and the size of Lincoln, there were no other detractors.

"All of it was good. They have a great coaching staff. The facilities are state of the art. There is no downfall. It's just the distance.

"It's really the distance and the small town. I am from Columbus and it's bigger than Lincoln. I am not used to small towns."

Getting over the distance and the small town is going to take some talking through with Stafford and his family. A decision is coming soon and an announcement will be made on signing day.

"It's just going to take some time and for me to sit down and talk about it with my family. I am going to commit on Friday and then announce it on signing day."

The Nebraska visit was the third visit for Stafford. Previously, he visiting two, in-state schools. One of those schools with Nebraska are now his leaders.

"This is my third visit. I visited Toledo and Akron. That's it, I am done. Toledo was an "8" or "9" and Nebraska was an "8".

"At Toledo, my best friend is the starting receiver there. I knew him and one of my friends is also committed there. It's only two hours away too, driving.

"Akron wasn't that good. I didn't like it that much. They are out of the picture. It's down to Toledo and Nebraska right now."

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