Better late than never for latest commit

Things happen quickly when it gets to this point of the recruiting season. But you aren't likely to see too many other instances which occur as fast as the recruiting process was for Georgia prep athlete Alphonzo Dennard. Last week he was a Tarheel and now, he's a future player for the University of Nebraska .

You want to talk fast?

Wilcox County High School ( Rochelle , GA ) athlete Alphonzo Dennard was a North Carolina Tarheel just about a week ago.

Now he's a Husker

That's how long it's been since issues came up with his commitment to North Carolina , the University seemingly not convinced that he was going to qualify. It was apparently at that point N.C. and Dennard parted ways. That was only made official today when the NC Prep Report here on, published a story saying as much.

Now he's a Husker

From last week to this week, the time Dennard said it's been since Nebraska swooped in and said if North Carolina didn't want him, the Huskers would be glad to take him aboard, Alphonzo thought about it and decided to pull the trigger.

"I committed like an hour ago to coach Sanders," Dennard said of Nebraska defensive back coach Marvin Sanders.

Not to discount the impact the Husker Nation might have as far south as Georgia . But one would think it to be perfectly logical that a kid who was a native of Georgia , growing up in SEC country, wouldn't know a whole lot about this program, however famed, a thousand-plus miles to the northwest.

Not so, according to Dennard, because Nebraska may not be a household name in Bulldog country, but they certainly aren't unknown. "They have big-time tradition there and I have heard a lot about Memorial Stadium and the kind of fans they have there," Alphonzo said. "And coach (Bo) Pelini had a lot of success over at LSU. So, I know about them, even though I haven't visited."

That's another thing you aren't likely to see, even in this strange world of recruiting. Dennard will on February 6th, sign with a team he hasn't seen in person. It's one thing to commit to a school you haven't seen, because we have seen that many times, most recently by Husker cornerbacks Anthony Blue and Shawn Sullivan, both Texas kids who committed and then visited before signing day.

Alphonzo hasn't even visited though. He hasn't even been talking to Nebraska for more than just this last week. You'd have to think that even for a young man who seems certain of his choice, which Dennard does, this has got to be a little strange.

"It was at first. I mean, signing with a place I haven't been to or don't know as well as I knew North Carolina . But what I have seen and heard, I really like," Dennard said. "I know they need cornerbacks and I know I can play. So, that's good enough for me."

Dennard can play all right, the touted athlete boasting a supreme amount of potential, boasting 4.4-speed and almost a 40-inch vertical. That helped him to help his team on both sides of the ball, the 5-10, 185 pound prep star catching 38 balls for 790 yards and 13 touchdowns on offense, and on defense he had five interceptions.

Alphonzo has been described as raw, and someone in need of coaching specific to the cornerback position, but with his athleticism, his upside is key.

Dennard would agree with that, and says that when it comes to playing the cornerback position, he knows where to start. "You have to be physical and that's me. You get them off the line and you don't let them push you out of the way. You should be the one pushing them," he said.

Alphonzo makes commitment number 22, and even though signing day is just about five days away, they could still add a couple of more, including Louisiana wide receiver Khiry Cooper, who will be visiting Nebraska this weekend.

That's a short amount of time for a lot of stuff to happen, but you can consider Dennard now an expert in knowing how that feels. This has been quick, but he feels that it's definitely for the best. "It's a good decision and I know it's going to be a good place for me to be," Dennard said of the Huskers. "It's kind of strange how all of it happened, but sometimes stuff just does. I'm not worried about it, because I liked coach Sanders and Nebraska is a big-time school. It should be a good place to be."

As to his qualification status and the questions surrounding it, Dennard said that he was qualified already, sporting a 2.7 GPA.

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