Monday Practice Report

Following the emotional victory at Texas A&M, it was business as usual today, as Nebraska prepares for their up-coming game against the 7th ranked Texas Longhorns.

Nebraska practiced in sweats today on the grass field. With the daylight savings time change, darkness is an issue, but as Solich stated, it's not much of one anymore. "We got a good deal set up now with the baseball lights. We actually utilize them now for the field inside the track and the other field."

"It's been a big plus for us in terms of getting a regular practice in and being able to watch it on film."

A couple of the biggest questions coming out of this last week's game were the status of Lannie Hopkins who suffered a concussion during the game in which he actually was knocked unconscious and of course, the on-going inquiries about the status of RE, Chris Kelsay.

"He [Lannie] is not practicing right now and will not practice in the next few days." Solich stated. "There are some guidelines that will be followed on that and could very well be, that he will not be able to play in this game."

"There are a series of tests that we will put him through and we will make sure he is ready to go until he steps back on the field."

As for Chris Kelsay, his status is still up in the air as Chris missed yet another practice. "I wish I could tell you that he is fine and ready to go." Solich stated. "But, that continues to be a day-by-day thing and at times, it takes those things awhile to heal up."

Richie Incognito sustained an injury that kept him out of part of the second half against Texas A&M, but Solich stated, he's good to go right now. "He's fine and practicing."

Another issue pertains to the extracurricular activity by one Josh Davis. You might remember a play where Davis returned a kickoff, was tackled on the Aggie side of the field and upon his getting up, Davis threw a punch at the player who tackled him. Solich said that this matter was being addressed. "He was out of line." Solich stated. "We are dealing with that right now."

"Any time a personal foul takes place that costs our football team, it's not right, we are not pleased with it and we do take action with it."

Nebraska plays Texas this weekend at night and will be aired on Fox Sports Net at 6:00

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