Getting gaudy, RB, Marcus Woods

As Woods' popularity rises, so to does his own desire to get better. Woods has never been one to take his performances lightly and this last weekend, everyone else joined in as his efforts resulted in a win, but also, some incredibly gaudy numbers.

Marcus Woods - RB - 5-8, 180, 4.4/40 - Farmington Hills, MI. (Harrison) - As anyone goes over the wide number of stats for high school players around the country, each is greeted at times with numbers that border on ridiculous. Whether it's a lot of yards, a lot of touchdowns, a ton of sacks or an incredible number of tackles, numbers speak volumes for what a player can do, because regardless of your competition, some are just too much for it to matter.

How about 300 yards rushing? How about 5 touchdowns? How about all that on just 25 carries? Over 12 yards a pop and scoring every fifth carry? Yeah, that's ridiculous. "I wasn't really in the zone, because I was having too much fun." Woods stated. "I just kind of did what I wanted to."

Ya think?

When it is all working as it clearly was this day, things seem to come oh-so easy.

What doesn't come so easy is figuring out just where to take this talent in terms of the next level. Marcus Woods does have a rather narrow list by comparison to some top running backs (he's looking at three schools), but the sparse number doesn't necessarily equate to an easy decision.

Quite the contrary for Woods.

With officials taken to Nebraska and Michigan State, Woods sits in debate as to whether he is going to take one to Bowling Green, but also added that Wisconsin is now drawing his interest. "We run similar to how they do." Marcus said. "They are waiting for a tape of mine before they do anything."

Based on what Marcus did this last weekend, can you guess which tape he will send?

Without dwelling too much on the possibly new entry into the fray, Marcus has been taking a hard look at the two biggest schools he is interested in. Studying offenses, looking at depth charts and analyzing the criteria that's important to him, Woods hasn't taken this decision lightly. "I look at a lot of things." Woods stated. "It's not one thing that will get me to go someplace, it's going to be a lot of things."

"Michigan State needs a tailback that can do what I can do and Nebraska has a dense backfield, but I think I could fight my way up the depth chart there."

As for the newbie to the group, Woods had this to say. "I like how Wisconsin runs the ball and the back they have now (Anthony Davis), he's built a lot like me, only a little bigger, but he runs like I do. It's another reason to like them."

It's hard to say that if Marcus' list will get smaller or bigger anytime soon, but if he has anything to say about it, the size will only increase. It's not like Marcus wants the attention or even needs it, but when it comes to spending the next four to five years at any one place, you want to have as many choices as you can when that final decision is made.

"There's just so much that goes into the place I want to be. I know who I like, but that stuff changes and you don't even know it right now."

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