What about Wald?

There might not have been a potential recruit for Nebraska that has generated the type of response on LOI day quite as Mason Wald. Wald, a 5-foot-10 and 205-pound safety from Birmingham (Ala.) Vestavia Hills plays the safety position a lot bigger than at 5-foot-10 and 205-pounds. Watch Wald's film and you will see why Husker fans wanted Wald in the signing day class.

So the question of the day has so far been "What about Mason Wald?" with Husker fans. The 5-foot-10 and 205-pound safety from Birmingham (Ala.) Vestavia Hills finally has an answer for those asking the questions.

"I found out this morning that one of Nebraska's commitments (Kendal Thompkins) backed out on their spot with Nebraska," Wald said. "That gave me a spot."

Wald is signing today, but not really. There will be a press conference held at the school and Wald will "pretend" that he is signing with Nebraska. Wald will be signing with his teammate, Justin Rogers.

"We are doing a signing at school at 2:30, but it's the not official paperwork. They are sending that to me. I am just acting like I have the paperwork. Justin Rogers and I are signing."

Wald said that he has gone from rags to riches a little bit lately. If there was a spot that he wanted though, as opposed to at another school, it was a spot to go to Nebraska.

"It's crazy, really. I didn't have much going for me until recently. It seemed like it might not happen with Nebraska, but now it is and I know how bad they want me. It's a very cool feeling."

Mike Wald, Mason's father, says that the process has been filled with hills and valleys. Mason's film seemed to get the ball rolling the most. To think that the video that is known publicly is just a small portion of a much larger highlight tape that the Wald's had is staggering.

"It's been a roller-coaster," Mike Wald. "Believe me, that video is 1/10th of what we showed the coaches. They don't want to look at a lot of video. He loves to play hard. He will fit right in. I think that they will be happy. He's pumped up."

The film's release to the Internet community provided the Wald's another reason to take Nebraska seriously beyond their official visit to Lincoln. The Wald's read the responses by the Husker fans and realized that they saw Mason's ability.

"When Mason was trying to decide, we went to your website to get the inside scoop on what people thought about Mason and the program. The response from the videos helped him make a decision. People loved his hitting. That is a recruiting tool."

While some might say that Wald "backed into" an offer that isn't a fair statement. Watch Wald's film and that's enough to understand what Nebraska saw in Wald. "We loved it when we first went there. It's an exceptional place. We're all really fired up," Mike Wald said.

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