Tuesday Practice Report

Practice was typical, but as we have gotten used to, there is always something that seems to liven up things lately. Today it was the response to coach George Darlington's quotes from today's press conference, where Darlington made an off-handed comment about "snipers",trying to make light of just how you stop Texas receivers. Given recent events, that obviously wasn't received well and it was addressed by coach Darlington tonight. Check out the practice notes and quotes for the full story.

The team worked in full pads today and as coach Frank Solich stated, it was "typical" as far as Tuesdays go. Though Solich said that everyone that was expected to suit up did just that, it didn't include Chris Kelsay (hamstring) and Lannie Hopkins (concussion).

One other injury to report is that of Cory Ross, who was carted off the field by cart. Cory did not appear to be in any pain, but Solich stated that evaluations would be done on Cory to determine just what the nature of the injury is. "He didn't finish practice." Solich stated. "But, he will be looked at tonight by the doctor."

The weather conditions for this up-coming game seem to be a topic of much concern. At first glance, the weather was reported as being clear for the weekend with highs in the upper 30s, with a chance of precipitation, but current forecasts have the temperatures dipping lower yet and precipitation still a possibility.

Solich stated that regardless of weather however, NU's gameplan would be the same. "We've played in some damp and wet conditions this year and have adjusted to it well, so we will adjust to whatever happens."

"If you throw the ball 40 times and the wind is blowing, it would probably have an effect on how you play the game, but with our style of offense and defense, the weather shouldn't be a dramatic factor for us."

The one significant change on the depth chart with Philip Bland no longer being the starting FS and being named the starting Rover was addressed as something insignificant as far as a change goes, more simply a matter of stabilizing the positions. "Phil has been bouncing back and forth and it is just a matter of settling that for him right now." Solich stated.

"Knowing that he is a starter at one spot and Josh at the other, it wasn't a major change for us, just a settling of the position a bit."


Darlington Quotes

Based on some comments of coach Darlington's today that were in reference to the Texas wide receivers and how Darlington would try to stop them, George Darlington addressed the media this evening following practice to recant his "sniper" remark, stating that it was quite obviously a mistake.

"In relation to the comment I made today, it was completely inappropriate." Darlington Stated. "In regards to the situation that has happened around the country, it was an idiotic statement."

"In response to the question of how you stop their (Texas) great receivers, I was just trying to make light of the fact that they are tremendous players and I don't know how you stop them."

"My words were completely inappropriate in light of what's happened in the country and I sincerely apologize. I should have paused and taken thought before speaking."

Solich on Darliington's comments

"The comment was inappropriate." Solich stated. "With all that has gone on in our country today, certainly any comment in regard to any matter as serious as what we have been facing is really in bad taste. I know that George feels badly about, but we're faced with those comments at this time."

Lord talks to the media

For the first time in weeks, Jammal Lord faced the local media tonight after practice. Many of his quotes will be up later, but for the full sound bytes on what Jammal had to say, covering a wide variety of subjects, check out the Inside NU&Recruiting board.

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