Coach Speak: Will Compton

One of the more highly contested recruiting battles for Nebraska this season was Will Compton. Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County has put out some talent, according to Head Coach David Leeds, but not anyone like Will Compton. Nebraska is getting the complete package in Compton and is making his coach, a long-time Missouri fan, a temporary Husker fan.

Will Compton might be one of the bigger recruiting trophies for Nebraska in this year's recruiting class. The 6-foot-2 and 230-pound Compton, from Bonne Terre (Mo.) North County, compares favorably to the other great players from his high school.

"Believe me, Will was definitely the heart and soul of our team and not just from an athletic standpoint," Head Coach David Leeds said. "Our school has actually had some pretty good players in the past.

"As far as a player that is as well-rounded as Will with his work ethic and the family roots that he had. He's definitely a special player. We are going to miss him."

Compton has those measureables that you look for in a player according to Coach Leeds. Compton also has something that doesn't show up on a piece of a paper, but is definitely evident from his film. Compton knows the game.

"He's got size, speed and that kind of stuff. On the defensive side of the ball he just has football instincts. He has been playing football for a very long time and you can't just teach some of the things that he does.

"Like on offense, finding that nice, soft spot in the zone to get open. On defense, getting to the football and sometimes going through two or three different guys to get there. He has a lot of football instincts that is for sure."

Coach Leeds had a unique experience, along with Will, to get to know two staffs for Nebraska. Coach Leeds said that Nebraska was smart about getting some key people involved and that overall the transition was very smooth.

"I think that getting Tom Osborne more involved and more hands on was very important as far as they were concerned. He bridged the gap and helped to keep some of their recruits.

"Of course there is Bo Pelini, a recognizable name and coming off of coaching in the national championship game, that definitely helped things. I thought it was a pretty smooth transition.

"I thought that they did a good job of staying in touch with Will. It wasn't really like there were that many changes. It just went very smooth and they did a very good job."

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