Coach Speak: Courtney and Steven Osborne

It's kind of funny to think about some of the players that Nebraska was able to get in on so late in the process and come away with. Courtney and Steven Osborne definitely fit that bill because you see their film and you wonder how they were still just hanging around. Good for them and good for Nebraska. Head Coach Mike Moss talks about having these two at Garland (Texas) South.

There was little doubt that Nebraska was going to dip into Texas to round out the rest of their recruiting class. Two very big pickups for Nebraska were Courtney Osborne and Steven Osborne. The Osborne's are twins and were standouts at Garland (Texas) South for Coach Mike Moss.

"It has been fun," Head Coach Mike Moss said. "I actually had two sets of twins on the team this year that were seniors. There were the Osborne's and the quarterback and his brother.

"Courtney has really matured a lot. They love to have fun. They ended up being great leaders for us. They are both very aggressive players, love to hit and make that contact. They get after it and compete very well. They are just tied together, true twins."

Steven Osborne is a little taller than his brother and plays offense. Coach Moss says that in all of his years of coaching that he never had a receiver try so hard to dominate on every play, even the ones when he wasn't getting the ball thrown to him.

"Steven is probably a little louder, little more fun while he is playing. He just has personality. Courtney is a little more serious and focused. Steven, as a receiver, was dominating as a receiver and a blocker.

"He could take a tunnel screen, or a wide receiver screen, and as a big receiver take it the distance. He could get away from people and if they got to him they had a hard time getting him down.

"He mentally and physically wore down the cornerbacks. He wanted to block the other guys out of the end zone, out of bounds and into the stands. He was going to try and get a hit on them that they wouldn't forget. I have never had a receiver do that in all my years of coaching."

Courtney will line up on the other side of the ball for Nebraska at safety. The one thing that Coach Moss said about Courtney was that the 40 time for Courtney will never be a true indication to his field or game speed.

"Courtney is so fast. His closing speed is impossible to get around. He won't clock a great 40 time. But, I don't know if there is anyone on the field with greater speed than Courtney.

"He can run you down, chase you. Of course when he gets there you are going to get knocked backwards. For a taller, skinny kid that is unusual. I kind of equate him to being like a cobra. He's coiled up and he strikes. He'll get you. He doesn't miss."

The recruiting process was kind of funny for the Osborne's because they got to know an assistant coach at one school and then that coach was at another school. Tim Beck did a masterful job with Courtney and Steven and Coach Moss knew it was a matter of time until Coach Beck joined Bo Pelini at Nebraska when Beck was at Kansas.

"The relationship with Coach Tim Beck and with Bo Pelini, it wasn't surprising when Beck joined Pelini at Nebraska. Coach Beck was a head coach at another high school here in the Dallas area.

"Coach Beck came in this year at Kansas to recruit Courtney and Steven. He oversaw the Dallas area. Coach Beck, knowing Steven and Courtney, told Coach Pelini about them and it didn't take long for Coach Pelini to want them."

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