Nebraska Walk On: Jeremy Wallace

There might be one player in the state that feels like he came up just a little short this season. That's not saying that Jeremy Wallace didn't have a great year, but it does mean that he missed getting that Nebraska offer. If he can take solace in anything, he knows that he was as close as anyone could get. While he fell short of the goal, Wallace will still be playing for Nebraska.

If there is a player in the state of Nebraska that was just on that hairy edge of getting an offer it might have been Jeremy Wallace of Omaha (Nebr.) Bryan. The 6-foot-1, 225-pound linebacker/running back has 4.59-speed in the 40.

Wallace was a standout for Bryan on both sides of the ball. He received his highest honor on offense, but it could have been, should have been, higher in his eyes.

"I had 1,171 yards off of 205 carries with 17 touchdowns on offense," Wallace said. "I had 115 tackles at outside linebacker on defense. I made second team all-metro.

"I got robbed a little bit. They actually put a quarterback at the other running back position opposite Collins Okafor for the other all-metro honor."

Wallace has that "not task it too much" attitude. You put something in front of him? He runs over it. He is taking that same competitive drive with him to Lincoln regardless of which side of the ball he plays.

"I am a great leader. I lead a lot of different ways. I am always up to a challenge. I know that going into camp that I am going to have a bit of a chip on my shoulder.

"I know that I should have gotten an offer out of high school. When it comes to hitting, I like to deliver the blows. I like to be the physical one. I just like to play with an attitude."

Wallace was getting a lot of interest from schools that weren't 1-A. The elusive 1-A offer never made it's way to Wallace and there are some factors that are partially to blame for how Wallace's great season got over-shadowed by his team's bad season.

"I was getting a lot of interest from division two and division 1-AA schools. In a way, the school that I go to isn't known for producing a lot of football players.

"I think that it was hard for my name to get out. Not a lot of coaches are going to stop by to see the talent at Bryan. Our team was 3-7 this year. It was hard. I had a lot of offers coming in for division two and 1-AA."

Wallace was in Lincoln last year in front of the previous staff. It was then that he caught the running backs' coach's eye. Wallace also caught the eye of the recruiting coach for the Omaha area and both coaches liked him on different sides of the ball.

"Last summer, I competed in the seven on seven camp. It was then that Randy Jordan got a good chance to take a look at me. I also got looked at by Coach Dennis Wagner who liked me as a linebacker."

"As the process went and the coaches changed that's when the new staff came by the school and actually said that they wanted to offer, but they didn't have anymore to give at those positions."

While the offer from any division one schools failed to make it into Wallace's hands, he was close. So close in fact, that if just one more person would have jumped out of the class that Wallace would have received an offer.

"Basically, if one more player would have decommitted I would have had a chance to get a scholarship. I was very close to getting that offer from Nebraska."

Despite not getting the offer, and coming so close, that doesn't change how Wallace feels about Nebraska. He wants to play there. He has dreamt about it. He knows that he can do it. It's now about pride.

"I bleed Husker red. I have been a Husker fan since I was little. I have dreamt of putting on that scarlet colored N. I know that I can do it. I know that I can play there.

"I know that I can go there and earn a scholarship. I know that I can do it on either offense or defense. I can prove it to everyone and I can make Nebraska proud because this state has talent."

Wallace is months away from getting a chance to even move to Lincoln to start any type of summer conditioning. He's already thinking about it though. Wallace wants to show that he is capable of playing on that field.

"Yes it does in a way. My basketball coach has been trying to keep me focused on the season, but I am looking ahead. I know I can play there. I want to play with the best of the best. I am excited for the challenge. I am definitely ready for it."

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