QB lands a big offer

Getting a quarterback per class is always a requirement. It's a constant and Nebraska has set their sites on a player in the Magnolia State. Nebraska has been known to pull a player out of Mississippi on occasion. Typically it helps when a school has a constant presence in the state of pulling out players, but this player was very excited when he received the Nebraska offer.

Juniors were able to receive offers as early as last September, but many just started to receive their first offers. Clayton Moore, a 6-foot-2 and 205-pound quarterback from Louisville (Ms.) has recently picked up his first offers.

"I have a couple of offers," Moore said. "Southern Miss was the first to offer me and I got that offer just after signing day. I think it was a couple of days after signing day."

"I also picked up an offer from Nebraska which I was very, very excited about. I got that offer about a week or so ago."

It's a little startling to hear a player from Mississippi think more of the Nebraska offer, but Moore had a way of explaining it that made a lot of sense.

"A lot of in-state players get offers from in-state teams. Once you pick up that first out of state offer it means a little bit more. I am not downing Southern Miss at all."

"I think that Southern Miss is doing something good under Coach Fedora, but I mean it doesn't compare to the tradition that Nebraska has."

Tradition is something that Moore really came to understand about Nebraska through video games. Moore liked to use Nebraska, and in particular a Heisman quarterback, to dominate his video game.

"I remember back in the day when they had Eric Crouch and all of them. That was when Nebraska was number one every week. They were awesome back then."

"I remember when I was younger I would always be Nebraska on video games. I would always be Crouch and I would run it every time. I'd just take off."

Moore doesn't say that he has a particular style when it comes to playing the game of football. If anything, Moore will do what it takes to keep him and his team on the right path.

"I just like moving the chains, which is the most important thing. I like being a leader to my teammates, both on and off the field, and keeping them going in the right direction."

"I try to keep the team chemistry high. I think that I do a good job at all of those things. I try to keep everyone's head on straight and keep my head on straight, most importantly. I just want to move the chains and make plays when I need to make them."

Moore and his team run a passing style of offense that led Moore to putting up big numbers and a state title last year. "We run a spread. I passed for over 3,000 yards, 850 rushing yards and 40 total touchdowns. We won the 3A state title this past year."

Moore is as impressive in the classroom as he is on the gridiron. Moore is looking at the possibility of graduating early depending on how he does this year in baseball.

"My academics are looking good. I think that all I need is an English 4 and I can graduate at mid-term. I might enroll early somewhere or I might not."

"It kind of depends on how baseball goes. If I have a really good year then I might look at the MLB draft. More than likely I will try and graduate early and go play football."

Along with the two offers that Moore has, he is receiving interesting from a couple of other teams who have contacted him and getting letters from some other schools that he hasn't spoken with yet.

"I have the two offers and I have been getting interest from Texas Tech, Ole Miss and I have been getting some other letters, but I haven't had personal contact with any of them."

"I have only had personal contact with Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Nebraska. I spoke with Coach Shawn Watson. I am definitely going to make a trip there this summer."

Besides taking a trip to see Nebraska, Moore will visit a couple of the in-state schools. Beyond those trips, Moore isn't sure what other plans he will make for summer trips.

"It's too early to tell where else I will go. I will go down to Ole Miss and of course Southern. I haven't made any other plans besides seeing those schools."

Moore admitted that he grew up following an in-state school and said that there are also some ties to another one of the in-state schools. As of right now those influences don't appear like they will affect his decision.

"I grew up a Mississippi State fan because I grew up in Starkville and my uncle played for Mississippi State. Most of my family on my mom's side went to Ole Miss. Right now I don't really have a favorite."

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