Old name resurfaces for Nebraska

Last year's recruiting class had a few academic casualties. People can name off the names of Demetrious Davis and Joseph Townsend, both defensive line recruits, but there is one that gets overlooked, until now. This home grown Nebraskan product missed his window to enroll at Nebraska and ended up at Wahpeton (N.D.) North Dakota State College and should be ready to go next year.

People forget that Aaron Schulte was actually a part of the 2007 signing day class. The gargantuan lineman from Norfolk (Nebr.) Catholic was around 6-foot-6.5 and 315-pounds.

According to some reports, Schulte would have been one of the largest overall players in Lincoln as a true freshman, had he made his window. That window closed though last summer and Schulte enrolled at Wahpeton (N.D.) North Dakota State College.

"You know Aaron Schulte, right?", Offensive Line Coach Mike Shafer asked. "He's up here. He's about 6-foot-6.5 and 315-pounds right now. The Nebraska staff is going to reevaluate him and see what they want to do because he was a placement."

Many might have forgotten about Schulte, but with that size how can you? People need to remember too, that Schulte can move for a big man. Aaron actually played defensive end for Norfolk Catholic.

"He started at right tackle every game. He's come a long ways in a year. He was top-heavy when he got here, of course where he was coming from in high school, he was just so much bigger than everyone that he could just put that top on people and bury them down.

"Schulte couldn't do that up here. Not against defensive ends like we play and like we have. You have to enhance your technique and he's come a long way, no doubt about it. I think in another year he will be ready to go."

There were some that doubted if Schulte really was a division one player out of high school. He was big, but didn't have the grades and besides Nebraska there wasn't a lot of interest. Coach Shafer said that people should put their doubts to rest.

"I think that he is a division one player. He's come a long ways and I think that he is a division one prospect. He's a huge individual. Moves real well."

The reevaluation of Schulte by the new Nebraska staff seems to be the only thing standing in his way from being a Husker, again. According to Coach Mike Shafer, Schulte wants to be "N" again.

"Yes, that's (Nebraska) is where he wants to go. That is exactly where he wants to go. We are going to get Nebraska his cut-ups and see what they want to do about it."

Nebraska might not stop with just Schulte. According to Coach Shafer there is a safety at NDSC that plenty of division one schools will be interested in. Not only is he a safety, but he could play cornerback or even running back.

"There is also Jerrell McGee and he's a strong safety. He's about 5-foot-10 and 195-pounds. He's a 4.3/40 guy. He's very physical, a very fluent athlete. He played defensive back for us.

"There was also a time that we needed someone at the running back position so he's also played over there. He's an athlete, no doubt about it. People will see that as the film starts getting out."

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