Thursday Practice Report

The last practice took place today, before the regular Friday Walk-through followed by what NU fans are hoping is Nebraska's step back into the top 25. Coach Solich talked about the game, some what he expects and reviewed the current status of some players still in question.

Nebraska avoided the sub-30 degree temperatures today as they prepared for Texas in Cook Pavillion. This final practice tops off the week and as Solich stated, his team is ready. "This tops off a very good week of practice." Solich stated. "They are preparing to play an excellent football game and there's no question, that is what it's going to take, because Texas has an outstanding football team."

The excitement for this weekend's game is building with fans and players alike. You might say that players have the most to be excited about, because of what is riding on this game and as coach Solich stated, that's what the entire week has been about. "The players understand that thsi will be a game that will match up two great football programs." Solich stated. "They are prepared to play very good football and that's what it's going to take."

As far as the implications behind a victory in this weekend's game, Solich was indifferent. "We're not looking at what this will bring us other than one victory if we get it done." Solich stated. "When you look at the big picture, there are a lot of teams that are still left in the conference that are in position to try to play in the Big XII championship game. That's what everybody wants to do and every game is important."

Coach Solich likened this game to being somewhat similar to the test NU just faced, but possibly even tougher. "They just have a different approach [than Texas A&M]. Solich stated. They line people up a little differently."

"They will do a lot of things that are similar to us. They will be in a four-man front, but they will move a linebacker up in a "bubble" look, which will give you a five-man front, which will protect a linebacker and letting him run free. And so, it's a scheme you have to adjust to."

In respect to players injured, Cory Ross is back while Lannie Hopkins and Chris Kelsay are still out, Hopkins still undergoing tests and Kelsay's status still "day to day". "Basically, the policy is not to announce the direction we are heading with anyone, unless the injury is going to be extensive." Solich stated. "Chris's has turned out to be that way, but it's certainly not a season-ending injury."

Nebraska will hold a brief walk-through in Memorial tomorrow.

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